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Allure Limousines and Wedding Car Hire Perth understand the importance of everything running like clockwork on your Wedding Day and the consequences of your wedding transport being late to pick you up can have an effect on the rest of the day. Just check out our reviews from past clients and you’ll see that we go above and beyond to make your day a success

With this in mind, your Allure Limousines Chauffeur will arrive at your pick-up location 10 minutes prior to your expected departure time and be ready to assist with anything that you may need.

Our luxury wedding cars for hire within Perth are designed to offer the ultimate in luxury and an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Our professional and friendly chauffeur will prepare the wedding car hire by rolling out the red carpet, putting a white wedding ribbon on the front, and ensuring that the car is at just the right temperature for your comfort.

All of our Perth Wedding Car Hire and Stretch Limousine Hire packages include:

A professional, friendly licensed chauffeur

Red carpet service upon arrival

Complimentary bottled water and ice (prior to the ceremony)

Complimentary champagne & bottled water (after the ceremony)

Your choice of limousine ribbon decorations

Allow our drivers to take care of everything!

Our drivers present very well in a black suit and tie and are at hand to help with placing bouquets safely in the vehicle, carrying drinks to the limousine and loading the on-board bars, carrying and storing any bags in the limo, as well as helping in any little way that they can throughout the wedding day.

Red Carpet Treatment

We want every bride to feel like a princess and experience our premium service from pick-up to reception. Don’t be shy to ask our drivers for anything at all, they are there to make your day easy and stress-free.

Classic Wedding Car Perth vs Modern Stretch Limousines

When you are looking for wedding car hire Perth or limo hire Perth for your wedding day there are a few things to consider, not least of which is exactly what type of car you will hire.  For may years, the stretch limousine has been the car of choice for moving a bridal party around to various photos locations in and around Perth. 

Classic Wedding Cars have been growing in popularity over the last decade, and whilst they can make for a few good photos, there are some major flaws in hiring these types of cars that are often overlooked, or not realised by brides and grooms to be until it is too late. In the below paragraph’s, we have outlined some of the pitfalls and benefits of choosing the right wedding cars.

Wedding Car Perth Maintenance & Reliability

Firstly, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how many times the motor has been rebuilt, the reliability of a car built in the 1930’s is not going to match that of a modern stretch limousine with all of its technology and back-up systems under the bonnet. Allure Limousines have participated in weddings on numerous occasions that started late due to the chauffeur having to jump-start the classic wedding car in the driveways of major Perth hotels. All the stretch limousines in the Allure Limousines wedding car fleet have dual alternators and batteries to safe guard against this very scenario. With the flick of a switch we can link the two batteries together for additional power to get the car underway and get you to your wedding on time.

Stretch Limo Comfort

The Perth Wedding Season naturally falls in some of our hottest months of the year, and there is good reason for that, with average temperatures around 32°C. But the last thing you want to be doing, is sweating your backside off in a full suit or wedding dress because the wedding cars that you chose have no air-conditioning, or if they do it is nothing more than a slight breeze.

Do yourself and your bridal party a favour and consider hiring a modern stretch limousine from Limo Hire Perth with dual air-conditioner compressors and booster fans that will keep you cool and refreshed while travelling to your wedding ceremony or in between photos locations.

Keep your bridal party together on your special day

Your bridal party are likely to be some of the most special people in your life – after all that’s why you chose them to play a part in your wedding day. To be there with you, by your side, throughout the day that you will want to remember for the rest of your life.

With that in mind, doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive to then split them all up between 3, 4 or even 5 cars because you won’t all fit into one? Well unfortunately that’s your only choice when you choose vintage wedding cars over a more modern stretch limo. When you make the choice to hire a stretch limousine for your wedding car Perth, not only can you all fit into one car but you can enjoy the many comforts that are provided for you – from your choice of music to the high-tech lighting system to the on-board champagne bars. 

Ease of access

One of the last things that you want to be doing on your wedding day is struggling to twist and turn your body just to get into the wedding car that you hired. This is often the case with vintage or classic wedding cars because most of them are only two door vehicles that you must squeeze into, and risk either doing yourself an injury, or god-forbid putting a rip in your expensive wedding dress.

Most modern limousines are now being built with what is referred to as a ‘Gull-wing’ or ‘Jet’ door half way down the length of the car to allow ease of access for brides and bridesmaids, and our cars are no exception. Built in the USA, with every little detail given careful consideration, our Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler limos are designed with your bridal party in mind. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy a drink

So, you are finally getting married, and it is your intention to kick back and have a few drinks with your bridal party after the ceremony. Unfortunately, if you choose a classic wedding car you will not be able to do this until you arrive at your reception venue because technically it is classed as ‘street-drinking’ and you could be pulled over by the Police and fined under the WA Liquor Control Act.

An exemption under the Liquor Control Act allows for the consumption of BYO Liquor in stretch limousines if the vehicle can carry 14 people or less (excluding the driver). So, if you decide to hire a stretch limo for your wedding day you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite French bubbly or ice cold beer.

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