Wedding Car Do's and Don'ts

Wedding Car Do's and Don'ts

Wedding cars provide a traditional, as well as stylish mode of transport for your wedding day. If you’re looking to hire a car for your special day, there are many options available for you to choose from – from vintage car rides to modern limousines that can fit all of the wedding party and close family members, rental companies offer a range of vehicles to suit individual budgets and requirements. Before you decide on the vehicle that will be your transportation for your wedding day, there are a few factors that you may want to consider.

Once you’ve decided whether or not you would like a vintage car hire for your special day, there are certain questions that need to be answered before you make any final decisions:

What is the number of passengers required?

This is important as it ensures that your choice of transportation fits all those accompanying the newlyweds without a problem. Similarly, this will help with an accurate quote from suppliers as they can work out what size vehicle is needed for everyone involved. The average number of passengers in a wedding party is around 10 people – usually including the bride and groom, parents, best man and bridesmaids.

What is the general timeline required for the event?

Are you planning on having photos taken before the ceremony? If so, you will need to ensure that your chosen vehicle can accommodate all of those involved – as well as giving plenty of time for people to change into their outfits.

Is there any specific requirements for transporting items like wedding dresses or other large objects? Note whether you’ll require a roof rack to transport cargo.

Where are the wedding car hire services available from?

Consider whether this is central enough for those travelling in by public transportation or if it requires them hiring cars themselves. For example, centres like London may be too far out to make using local services feasible. Alternatively, you may need a car for your first night as a married couple!

What is your wedding car budget? 

This should be a consideration when deciding on any wedding car hire. Not only will this help you to narrow down your search, it will also ensure you don’t overspend and have leftover funds for other items involved in the day. In general, limousines tend to be more expensive than classic cars as they offer additional features such as plasma TVs or champagne bars – but it’s up to you whether those are included in your package .

In addition to these factors, you may wish to take note of the following:

Do the wedding car services include an assistant / chauffeur?

If so, ask what his role would be during your wedding day. For example, some suppliers can help with directing traffic or organising photo shoots for the big day .

Does the chosen company offer insurance?

This is essential as it will protect both you and your driver against any accidents that might occur – especially if someone is new to driving on the left hand side of the road!

What are their cancellation policies?

Wedding planning can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether you’ll lose money if plans change so make sure you know how much notice is required by each supplier. Also, confirmation of any Terms and Conditions should be given in writing.

Do they have a good reputation for service delivery?

It’s important to consider how long a car hire firm has been going before choosing them – what kind of feedback have they had in the past? You can also ask to see photos of their previous work to ensure you are hiring the right company.

Once you have found a reputable supplier, it’s time to look at wedding cars prices and compare different deals between them!