Ready to discover the best nightclubs in and around Perth? We cut through the noise to bring you the top spots for an epic night out.

From immersive dance venues to bars with killer tunes from international and top local bands and DJs, we’re uncovering the essentials: ambience, music genres, and special features that make these clubs the go-to for Perth’s night owls.

Plus, get the scoop on what to wear and when to arrive to dive straight into the action.

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Key Takeaways for Nightclubs in Perth’s CBD


      • Perth boasts a rich nightlife with a range of nightclubs to suit various tastes, from Japanese-inspired Geisha Bar with a sophisticated crowd to Mint Nightclub’s retro tunes and the futuristic high-energy vibes at Air Nightclub.

      • Diverse music scenes and vibrant atmospheres are notable in Perth CBD clubs like Toots, Si Paradiso, and the state-of-the-art Magnet House, while rooftop bars like AGWA and Mechanics Institute offer sky-high parties with stunning views.

      • Northbridge presents itself as a hub for varied nightlife options with clubs that feature different themes, affordability, and inclusivity, like Jack Rabbit Slim’s, known for live music, and Connections Nightclub, popular for its gay-friendly environment.

    Perth’s Premier Party Spots: A Guide to the Best Nightclubs

    The city of Perth boasts an electrifying nightlife with its bustling music scene and abundance of bars and clubs.

    From house tunes to throwback hits, Perth’s best nightclubs offer a range of atmospheres for a thrilling evening out.

    Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to discover some top party destinations.

    Geisha. Bar stands apart from Northbridge’s nightlife crowd thanks to its Japanese-inspired design and exclusive vibe.

    For high energy, head over to Air Nightclub, where you’ll find luminous floors, walls, and futuristic decor galore.

    If retro is more your style, Mint Nightclub will hit all the right notes with its vintage ambience and classic jams. Each nightclub exudes a unique charm, promising an unforgettable experience.

    Aside from unbeatable vibes at the ground floor of these popular hotspots lies their impressive amenities, such as Paramount Night Club’s spacious back dance floor and area or Connections’ free entry if you arrive early enough on certain nights!

    Enjoy a diverse selection of beverages at places like Metropolis Fremantle while taking full advantage of cutting-edge sound systems, ensuring smooth sailing on the dance floor throughout this vibrant city, no matter what kind of partygoer you are.

    An alleyway bar with people sitting at tables

    Geisha Bar – The Epitome of Elegance

    Geisha Bar is a standout among the numerous nightclubs in Northbridge for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

    As soon as you enter the small bar, the Japanese-inspired decor will immediately draw you in and set the scene for an upscale evening out.

    The exclusive vibes of this venue make it one of Perth’s top nightspots.

    Aside from its beautiful interior design, Geisha Bar also offers an excellent music selection to please all types of party-goers.

    While house music enthusiasts will appreciate their well-curated lineup, occasional inexperienced DJs may take over at times.

    Nevertheless, expect quality tunes that match the cocktail bar’s high-end ambience with their busy events schedule, keeping things lively.

    The service at Geisha Bar is highly praised by bar staff and patrons due to friendly security and bartending staff. Some guests have had issues with jacket storage mix-ups here before.

    With a good bar and its clientele exuding a classy British vibe compared to other Perth clubs, GyshaBar should be on your list of must-visit spots.

    Late night restaurants in Perth

    Air Nightclub – High Altitude Fun

    Air Nightclub is the perfect spot for those seeking a futuristic atmosphere.

    This two-floor club features glowing floors and vibrant walls on its ground floor, providing party-goers with a unique and high-energy experience.

    The spacious dance floor lets guests let loose and have fun without worries.

    Air Nightclub’s vibe is sophisticated and energetic, thanks to its great music that takes upscale clubbing up a notch.

    Whether you’re into house beats or electro tunes, this place has something special in store for you. And as if the music wasn’t enough of an attraction, a range of delicious cocktails is available for you to enjoy while dancing all night long.

    Similar to other top-tier clubs, Air Nightclub enforces strict dress code policies, gentlemen are required to wear collared shirts in order to maintain the stylish ambiance of the venue.

    So be sure not to miss out on dressing your best when planning your visit here!

    While some may find it slightly pricier than other bars’ drinks options, many patrons agree that it’s worth every penny considering the impeccable quality standards maintained by Air Clubnight.

    It Receives rave reviews from customers who particularly enjoy its fantastic music selection. However, some have reported subpar experiences with bar service and bathroom amenities.

    People partying at Jack Rabbit Slims night club in Perth

    Mint Nightclub – Retro Vibes and Tunes

    Mint Nightclub is the perfect spot for those looking for a trip down memory lane.

    Located in Perth on James Street and Lake Street intersection, this club boasts vintage decor and plays all your favourite old-school hits from the 80s to early 2000s during their popular Retro Rewind Fridays event.

    Open every Friday and Saturday night at 9:30 PM, Mint Nightclub offers an evening filled with nostalgia.

    And not just that, drinks here are surprisingly affordable, too! With prices ranging between $5-$10 after 10 pm on weekends, you can enjoy a budget-friendly night out without compromising on fun.

    If you find yourself around the Northbridge area over the weekend craving some retro tunes or simply want to experience something different without spending much money, look no further than Mint Nightclub – where good music meets reasonable prices.

    The Ultimate Dance Destinations in Perth CBD

    Located in the bustling Perth CBD, just beyond Northbridge, lies a diverse selection of dance clubs that promise an unforgettable night.

    Whether you’re drawn to the pulsing beats of Magnet House or prefer rooftop parties with city views, this central business district has something for every dancer.

    Perth’s CBD is a melting pot for music genres, but most top clubs in Perth tend to play house music.

    Regardless of your experience level on the clubbing scene, there are plenty of options to choose from and have an enjoyable evening filled with dancing. Notable mentions include Toots, Si Paradiso, Barbes and Connections, which boast fantastic vibes and top-of-the-line sound systems.

    Among these impressive options stands out one particular standout club – Jack Rabbit Slim’s. This hotspot features:


        • A main room illuminated by colourful light displays

        • Three bars serving up delicious drinks

        • Upscale Italian marble accents adorn their ladies’ restrooms

        • Selfie-friendly mirrors

      -VIP booths available

      With its modern amenities and unique offerings, Magnet House truly shines as one of Perth’s must-go dance destinations.

      The operating hours vary at each venue, but many open around 8 pm.

      Checking each venue on their website or giving them a call will provide specific details about opening times.

      Bring your energy and get ready to hit some moves in lively downtown Perth!

      A fututristic nightclub bar and dance floor

      Magnet House – The Magnetic Pull of Beats

      Magnet House, located in the heart of Perth CBD, is a modern nightclub that attracts dance enthusiasts with cutting-edge audio/visuals.

      Its main room and walls adorned with lights create an electrifying atmosphere perfect for dancing all night long.

      The club offers diverse music, including house, hip-hop, dance and pop genres, to cater to different musical tastes.

      Occasionally, it also features classic tunes, adding variety to keep the party going.

      What adds more appeal to Magnet House are its resident DJs, DJ Dazz K and DJ Neptune, who have played a major role in establishing this venue as one of the top nightlife spots in Perth.

      Their incredible mixes and infectious beats make sure there’s no dull moment on the dance floor throughout the night.

      Although Magnet House may seem like a new entrant on Perth’s nightlife scene, it was known as Capitol since 1936 before undergoing several transformations until today’s captivating nightclub experience.

      The Rooftop Bar Scene – Sky-High Parties

      However, Perth’s nightlife scene goes beyond just its bars and clubs in Perth.

      In fact, some of the most happening parties in the city take place on its rooftop terrace bars, offering breathtaking views, great tunes, and a unique atmosphere.

      Among Perth’s many rooftop terrace bars that are worth checking out for their sky-high parties are AGWA Rooftop Bar, Mechanics Institute, Hello Rooftop Bar At The Rechabite, Folly Bar, and Terrarium Bar.

      Each one offers a distinct experience, from the special features at Hello Rooftop Bar to the vibrant energy at Folly and Terrarium bar tenders with their opulent outdoor terraces.

      Live music is a common feature among these popular rooftop spots. You can groove to different genres like jazz, blues, or R’n’B and enjoy live performances by talented artists.

      With such variety in music, stunning vistas, and lively ambience, it’s no wonder why partygoers flock to these top-notch rooftop venues across Perth.

      Northbridge’s Nightlife Nirvana

      Northbridge, situated on the outskirts of Perth’s city centre, is a bustling nightlife destination that boasts an inclusive and diverse music scene.

      It is home to some of the finest nightclubs in town, where you can enjoy live performances at Jack Rabbit Slim’s or experience Connections Nightclub with its welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ individuals.

      The clubbing options in Northbridge are varied, catering to different preferences.


          • The Library nightclub: Renowned for its exceptional sound system and lighting.

          • Connections Night Club: Offers lively vibes perfect for a fun night out.

          • Jack Rabbit Slim’s: Known for its retro-inspired ambience.

        These clubs offer a range of musical genres such as rap, hip hop, R&B, and bass music, ensuring there is something suitable for everyone’s taste.

        Some popular hotspots in Northbridge include:


            • Paramount Nightclub recently underwent renovations worth $2 million.

            • Connections Night Club, known especially among drag show enthusiasts

            • Republic NIght Club offers various forms of entertainment

          From Sanctuary Saturdays and Mi Casa Latin nights at Butterfly 73 to late-night parties held by Jack Rabbit Slms, One will find numerous theme nights throughout North Bridge, drawing crowds from local bands and all walks of life.

          And whether you prefer early evenings or staying up until dawn, there will always be one party or one venue open just the right time; Northbridge makes sure people, no matter what their schedule may be.

          I have never missed any exciting events lined up. Now start planning your next party!

          Jack Rabbit Slim’s – Live Music and Lively Crowds

          Experience a unique nightlife adventure at Jack Rabbit Slim’s in Northbridge.

          This vibrant live music venue offers an energetic atmosphere perfect for those who love music.

          Enjoy the beats of both international and top local bands and DJs, play games in their designated room, or simply revel in the retro-chic vibe.

          At Jack Rabbit Slim’s, you can groove to various genres like house, hip hop, dance, pop, R&B, and classic tunes catered to all kinds of musical preferences, mainstream hits or underground tracks.

          Apart from great music and dancing, the club is also popular for its spiked milkshakes with cool flavours that make it stand out among others.

          So, if you want more than just your regular night out, Jack Rabbit Slim’s should be on your list!

          Connections Nightclub – The Inclusive Celebration

          Located at 81 James Street, Connections is a popular nightclub in Northbridge. It has been a beloved spot for partygoers since its opening as The Top Hat cabaret club back in 1975. Its lively atmosphere and diverse crowd make it an ideal destination club for anyone looking to have fun and dance the night away.

          One of the most appealing aspects of this gay nightclub is its welcoming vibe, highlighted by free entry on selected nights if you arrive early enough. Cover charges only start after midnight so guests can enjoy their time without worrying about extra costs.

          The club opens from Wednesday to Perth through to Saturday at varying times, starting between 7:30pm and 8pm until late, providing ample opportunity for beautiful patrons to let loose on the dance floor.

          With a capacity of up to 480 people, Connections Nightclub offers plenty of space for everyone who wants to be part of the excitement.

          Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or simply want a memorable night out, this venue guarantees non-stop dancing and entertainment, making it one great place not worth missing!

          East Perth’s Hidden Gems

          East Perth offers a laid-back and cozy atmosphere, in contrast to the lively nightlife of the city centre and Northbridge. Charming gems are tucked an alleyway away in hidden corners, waiting for those seeking unique experiences.

          The night scene in East Perth provides excellent service and a more relaxed experience for individuals who prefer a quieter evening out.

          Here are some noteworthy places worth checking out:


              • Barbes: A blend of different genres like electronica and disco can be enjoyed here.

              • The Royal Sports Bar is the perfect spot to catch sports action while having fun.

              • The Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar: Savor drinks while taking in stunning waterfront views.

            Despite their discreet locations, these nightclubs have earned popularity among both locals and tourists.

            For instance, Whipper Snapper Distillery has received excellent ratings on Tripadvisor.

            Meanwhile, Hula Bula is in bloom. Bar is known for its trendy vibe that immerses guests instantly.

            Getting from the city centre to these clubs’ best bars is convenient, with most just being a minute’s walk along major roads in the near future, such as Wellington Street or St George’s/Adelaide Terrace.

            The Alleyway Wonders

            Nestled within the narrow streets of East Perth, a few gems remain undiscovered by many.

            These concealed bars and clubs provide an exceptional ambience, far from the busy crowds of central Perth.

            Whether you’re a resident or tourist, discovering these hidden wonders promises to be an exciting expedition through the inner city side’s alleyways.

            Suburban Hotspots: Beyond the City Limits

            While the city centre and Northbridge are popular choices for a night out, there is much to discover beyond Perth’s urban boundaries.

            Explore the suburbs of Perth, and you’ll uncover an array of local favourites offering unique experiences.

            Whether it be the energetic clubs in inner-city Northbridge or cozy wine bars scattered throughout the suburbs, there is something for every type of partygoer.

            Areas like Northbridge, renowned for their vibrant nightlife scene, boast plenty of charming bars and venues perfect for special occasions.

            If hunger strikes during your night on the town, James Street has got you covered with its diverse range and a good selection of dining options.

            From Asian fusion food to classic pub fare and juicy burgers to modern Australian cuisine, something delicious will surely satisfy your cravings.

            For those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere while enjoying some late-night fun, Palace Arcade may become your new go-to spot.

            This venue offers a laid-back vibe where patrons can indulge in arcade games alongside tasty eats such as pizza wings and fries.

            Local Favorites on James Street

            Located on the outskirts of Perth, James Street is a dynamic and bustling spot known for its lively music scene, dancing opportunities, and socializing options.

            Whether you are a tourist or a local resident, an evening on this street will be memorable.

            Geisha Bar and Mint Night Club draw large crowds with their upbeat tunes and energetic ambience, making them popular dance spots on James Street.

            For those looking to immerse themselves in live music performances, visit Geisha Bar or head over to James St Bar & Kitchen, which hosts regular events showcasing various genres of music.

            For post-dance hunger pangs, look no more than some excellent late-night food venues around, like Lot Twenty serving up Asian delicacies alongside Italian cuisine at No Mafia, the perfect place for satisfying your cravings after hours!

            Pizza lovers should definitely make it out to Pretty Good Pizza while Santini Bar & Grill offers more variety, including Hao Szechuan’s Chinese-inspired dishes, along with The Standard providing classic fare all through until closing time.

            Fashion and Beats: Clubs with a Stylish Twist

            In Perth, nightclubs are not just places to enjoy music and dancing. They also showcase fashion. Many of the city’s clubs combine style with music, providing party-goers a unique and trendy experience.

            Fashion is essential in creating a cool and relaxed atmosphere at Perth’s best nightclubs. It allows people to express their personal style and feel confident while contributing to the overall vibe of these establishments.

            After experiencing setbacks due to COVID-19, this fusion of fashion shows and nightlife has helped bring back customers who keep returning for more fun.

            Geisha, this is Geisha. Bar is one example among many other fashionable spots such as Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Barbes, Magnet House/Amplifier Connections Goodwill Club that host events like themed dress-up parties or even fashion shows, making them stand out from traditional gay bars.

            Different venues have different rules regarding how patrons should be dressed appropriately before entering their premises. Some enforce strict dress codes, particularly on Fridays & Saturdays, while others relax during weekdays, yet close-toed shoes remain part-and-parcel whenever possible, solely aiming towards maintaining a sharp appearance inside-out.

            The Culture Trip: Nightclubs with a Creative Edge

            Aside from the fashion and music scene, Perth is also home to some nightclubs that showcase creativity and art.

            These unique clubs provide an inspiring atmosphere perfect for a cultural experience.

            Geisha Bar, Magnet House / Amplifier, and Connections Nightclub are some notable establishments where individuals can indulge in art and nightlife entertainment.

            Through their distinct themes, artistic decorations, and lively ambience, these venues allow people to express themselves through dancing along with great music.

            Out of all these club options with artsy vibes, Jack Rabbit Slim’s stands out, offering live performances by artists as part of its lineup.

            This added feature Enhances the creative element present at this nightclub, making it a must-visit spot for anyone interested in experiencing both fine art forms together.

            Late-Night Bites and Beats

            After a night of dancing and fun, nothing beats indulging in a delectable late-night snack.

            Fortunately, Perth has numerous bars and clubs that are open until the early hours, providing the perfect conclusion to your evening.

            Whether you have a hankering for Asian fusion dishes at The Moon or Yimas or tapas at Vin Tapas, there is no shortage of options for late-night food cravings in Perth.

            These establishments also offer tasty cocktails and an energetic atmosphere, making them ideal places for enjoying some drinks as well.

            The operating hours of these eateries and clubs vary. While Alfred’s Pizzeria closes at 12 am daily, U&I’s 24-hour cafe stays open all day long.

            So, regardless of when your night ends up wrapping up, somewhere will always be available to satisfy those post-party hunger pangs!

            Ball & Chain, Marine Lounge Bar, and UniversalBar should make it onto their must-visit list for those seeking delicious fare and great music under one roof. These joints serve tasty bites and provide a nice atmosphere and upbeat tunes, creating the ultimate finish to any night out on town.

            Getting Your Groove On : Dance Floors Worth the Cover Charge

            Partying in Perth is incomplete without hitting the dance floor, as it forms an integral part of the city’s nightlife.

            The clubs here boast some of the most happening and energetic spaces where one can groove to their heart’s content for a reasonable cover charge.

            From Air Nightclub with its lively atmosphere to Mint Nightclub, offering retro vibes in its dance area, and Paramount Night Club with ample space for dancing, there are plenty of options catering to various preferences.

            So get your best pair of dancing shoes ready because you won’t be able to resist tapping your feet all night long at these vibrant spots.

            While certain clubs may offer free entry if you arrive early enough on specific nights, others do have admission fees.

            Given the quality of the music they play and the unforgettable experiences they provide through their dynamic setting, paying this price seems more than justified when compared.

            The Craft Beer and Cocktail Circuit

            Perth is renowned for its vibrant craft beer and cocktail bars, making it the perfect destination for a night out.

            These establishments not only offer delicious drinks but also create an energetic atmosphere that makes them popular among locals and visitors alike.

            For those with a love of craft beer, there are two bars that are several must-visit spots in Perth.


                • Dutch Trading Co: This bar boasts a diverse selection of Australian brews and includes extra features such as billiards tables and even a play area for kids.

                • Bob’s Bar: A favourite haunt among craft beer enthusiasts.

                • Beer Crawl: An excellent way to discover different venues serving up top-notch brews around town.

              Dutch Trading offers a wide variety of local and international breweries. Co offers an array of enticing options, including locally brewed IPAs, imported stouts from overseas markets like Belgium, and refreshing ciders on tap, all under one roof!

              Its laid-back vibe makes it an ideal spot to relax after long days or catch up with friends over some pints!

              The staff at Dutch Trading. Co. goes above and beyond to ensure patrons enjoy themselves.

              They’re friendly, helpful, and willing to assist with any needs you have throughout your stay, creating a relaxed and convivial environment.

              Indulge in fantastic libations while immersing yourself in the surrounding vibes and music acts that entertain the crowds, making for an unforgettable experience altogether.

              In other words, this establishment is one of the best places to relax and unwind during evenings full of fun and possibilities.

              Try something new, get together with mates, meet amazing people, and drink quality crafted beverages that will leave you satisfied in both mind and spirit.

              As the sound of the last note fades, you’ll realize that the rest of the evening was indeed nice.

              If you have anything else to say, try their masterful beverages, which range from frothy to fruity varieties, and see why they’re always highly recommended.

              It’s simply breathtaking on every level, from start to finish, including the quiet notes and comforting combination blends.

              So, raise a glass to uptown outings and grab an end-of-day drink before tucking into your nightly ritual.

              You’ll know it’s the weekend in the city, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit this hidden gem in a prime location. They welcome you early in the afternoon until ten late on weekends.

              In order to keep up with tradition, look forward to whatever may happen, whether good or great, while taking in absolutely every flavour.

              Saving plenty for those reserved for the outside catches on the deck, heated hot in the summer, and hearing the grey possible pictures it paints defines a part of the investment.

              It kicks off by asking what you want, proving that maybe finally speaking up is still worth it!

              While soaking surrounding vibes, music acts, and entertaining crowds make an unforgettable experience altogether.

              In other words, establishments are the best places to relax and unwind during evenings full of fun possibilities, try something new, get together with mates and amazing people, drink quality, crafted satisfied mind sound says finished rest evening nice indeed say anything else try masterful beverages both frothy fruity varieties see why always highly recommend simply breathtaking every level start finish included quiet notes comforting combination blend cheers uptown grabbing end before tucking form nightly ritual know weekend city don’t miss opportunity visit this hidden gem in location welcome early afternoon ten weekends order tradition look whatever happens good great taking absolutely flavour saving plenty reserved outside catches deck heated really hot summer hearing grey possible pictures paints define part investment sort kicks asked wanting prove maybe finally speaking still!


              Perth offers a diverse nightlife experience, with trendy bars in the city centre and lively nightclubs in Northbridge.

              East Perth also has its hidden gems for those seeking something different.

              Whether you enjoy electronic music or prefer retro tunes, there’s a spot to satisfy every taste.

              So whether you’re a local or visiting, grab your dancing shoes and head out into the buzzing scene of Perth at night.

              Frequently Asked Questions about Perth Nightclubs

              Does Perth, Australia, have good nightlife?

              Perth boasts a dynamic and lively nightlife scene, with an array of bars, clubs, restaurants, and live music venues to suit every taste.

              The city offers ample options for entertainment that revolve around its vibrant music culture.

              What are some of the top Perth nightclubs?

              For a great night out in Perth, be sure to visit some of the best clubs, such as Geisha Bar, Air Nightclub, and Mint Nightclub.

              These are excellent choices for those looking for an enjoyable and unique experience at a bar setting. Have fun!

              What makes the nightlife in East Perth special?

              The evening scene in East Perth has a distinct charm as it provides a laid-back and mellow vibe, setting it apart from the rest of Perth.

              This results in an unparalleled ambience for those seeking to spend their night out.

              What are some of the best late-night eateries in Perth?

              If you find yourself craving some delicious late-night eats in Perth, be sure to check out The Moon, Uncle Billy’s, Yimas and Vin Tapas.

              These restaurants are known for their delectable dishes and drinks served well into the night.

              From hearty comfort food at The Moon to authentic Malaysian food.

              What are some of the best craft beer spots in Perth?

              For those seeking out the top craft beer establishments in Perth, be sure to add Dutch Trading Co, Bob’s Bar, and Beer Crawl to your list of must-visit spots.

              These two bars are known for their great staff and their impressive selection of craft beers.

              So raise a glass and enjoy some delicious brews at these recommended places.

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