The Top Perth Restaurants to Try in 2023

With its bright and lively dining scene, Perth, the city of Western Australia, is a place to visit for an unforgettable experience. Visitors can expect to discover many different kinds of restaurants around this stunning destination, from beachfront fine dining locations offering elegant dishes to farmhouse-style establishments giving diners rustic meals straight off the land, making Perth one of Australia’s most vibrant culinary offerings.

Short Summary

      • Explore Perth’s vibrant culinary scene, from fine dining to casual spots and international flavours!

      • Uncover hidden gems in the suburbs like Canton Lane for yum cha & Coogee Common for farm-to-fork fare.

      • Indulge your taste buds with exciting experiences at Wildflower, Bread in Common, Il Lido & more!

    Perth’s Culinary Scene

    A modern dining room in a restaurant in Perth, Western Australia

    Perth’s dining landscape is an exciting journey for foodies, with local produce and fresh ingredients taking centre stage. Some of the best restaurants in Perth boast top-tier fare made from Western Australia’s abundant supply – it’s no wonder you can find something to satisfy everyone. Whether enjoying a romantic al fresco dinner or sipping coffee at Bread in Common overlooking the city streets, there are plenty of tantalizing culinary offerings all across town.

    The cultural influences also add extra layers to each dish – Thai flavours meet Italian favourites, while Indian cuisine mingles perfectly alongside Parisian delicacies. Creating an ever-changing menu bursting with flavour every time! Wildflower delivers a special fine dining experience featuring exquisite dishes crafted lovingly from just-picked products. Il Lido offers amazing waterfront views as part of your unforgettable mealtime memories.

    Fine Dining: Wildflower

    Wildflower is located in the State Buildings and offers unparalleled views of Perth cityscape and Swan River. With its romantic ambience reminiscent of classic Parisian or New York bistros, this spot serves up a range of Aboriginal ingredients-based dishes that make for an innovative exploration into flavour. Diners can expect quality service along with all this. Unsurprisingly, Wildflower has attained top restaurant status throughout Western Australia.

    The degustation menu gives diners a chance to experience what makes Australian cuisine so unique – reimagining local flavours through contemporary approaches combined with creative presentations that showcase each dish’s individual textures and tastes, complete with an extensive drinks list from wine down to cocktails creating perfect harmony every time. Wildflower will give you a truly memorable gastronomic journey that cannot be found elsewhere when guests venture out westwards towards state buildings!

    Casual Dining: Bread in Common

    Bread in Common is a casual restaurant located on Pakenham St Fremantle, making it an ideal dining destination. This warm and welcoming space provides good vibes that are matched only by the organic cuisine served on their menu. Wood-fired ovens fill the house with flavour as diners can expect to be dazzled by dishes made from delicious homegrown ingredients. Enjoy comfort food like you’ve never had at this heritage eatery, including its own bakery!

    Waterfront Dining: Il Lido

    If you’re looking for a restaurant with an unbeatable view, head to Il Lido in Cottesloe. This trendy eatery offers Mediterranean fare accompanied by stunning views of the ocean across Marine Parade that are sure to take your breath away, from breakfast right through to dinner.

    Il Lido’s dining room is cozy and inviting. Its menu features house-made treats such as pastries at breakfast time, antipasti for lunch or handcrafted pasta dishes available all day long! All ingredients used here have been specially chosen, so their freshness & flavours really come alive when they hit your taste buds.

    With cool sea air steps away from the beachfront seating area, there’s nothing quite like sampling Italian-inspired cuisine on a beautiful summer evening at Il Lido!

    Perth’s Best International Cuisine

    A chef preparing a dish in a restaurant in Perth, Western Australia

    The best restaurants in Perth offer diners the flavours of their local produce, waterfront views, and many international dishes from around the world. From sophisticated French cuisine to hearty Italian fare to vibrant Mexican food, there is something for everyone when eating out in Western Australia’s capital city.

    At some of Perth’s most popular eateries, including Le Rebelle, Lulu La Delizia, and La Cabana, patrons can enjoy top-notch dining experiences that transport them to different countries with each bite they take! You can’t forget about unique offerings like Perth Fleur, adding another layer to this delicious tapestry.

    Overall, with so many excellent culinary choices available at all kinds of hands within reach, anyone who chooses PERTH as their destination will have no problem filling up fantastic foods every step along their journey!

    French Flair: Le Rebelle

    Le Rebelle, a Parisian-style restaurant in Mount Lawley, is the perfect spot to enjoy exquisite food and wine. This stylish bistro prides itself on its inventive menu of small plates suitable for any occasion. The delicious offerings include Wagin duck topped with classic béarnaise sauce, which is definitely worth trying! Enjoy their generous steak with potatoes and some locally produced grenache, an absolute treat. From carefully prepared French classics to expertly crafted dishes, Le Rebelle will surely delight all guests who appreciate fine cuisine and good vino!

    Italian Delights: Lulu La Delizia

    The city of Perth can offer a true taste of Italy at the popular eatery Lulu La Delizia located in Subiaco. This restaurant, named after Nonna Luigia Valvasori, who emigrated from Casarsa della Delizia in 1952, has made its own mark on the culinary scene with its freshly handmade pasta dishes and attentive service. With recipes that are rooted in Friuli and Venetian cuisine, they’ve created an inspiring menu full of tasty Italian delights like risotto, pizza or your favourite type of pasta for you to enjoy! Enjoy all this goodness served up with vibrant flavours making each dish as unique as it is delicious.

    Authentic Mexican: La Cabana

    If you’re looking for a restaurant serving delicious Mexican fare with plenty of spice, La Cabana in South Fremantle is the place to be. Located in an upbeat and lively atmosphere, they provide their guests with fresh dishes made from locally crafted tortillas that add unique crunchiness to each bite. Their menu showcases Mexico’s vibrant culinary culture by featuring tacos, burritos and enchiladas full of flavours guaranteed to take your taste buds on an exciting journey southwards. In conclusion, if spicy yet mouthwatering food is what you seek, look no further than La Cabana!

    Top Wine Bars and Local Brews

    A wine bar in Perth, Western Australia with a wide selection of wines

    When it comes to the dining scene of Perth, one cannot ignore its incredible selection of wine bars and local brews. Whether you are a fan of wine or beer, this city offers plenty for everyone’s taste. Lalla Rookh has gained renown with its remarkable choice of vino plus Italian-influenced cuisine, whereas Ruinbar is well known among lovers of suds due to its historic building as well as unique homemade beverages on offer there. Don’t forget about Beaufort Street – it hosts an abundance of choices!

    The venues have wide selections and a pleasant ambience perfect for spending leisurely time savouring all these drinks menus bring forth. Besides the listed places above, whether you fancy food or want something thirst-quenching come nightfall, Perth won’t disappoint. So kick back and explore what each joint has available!

    Exceptional Wine Selection: Lalla Rookh

    Lalla Rookh is a spectacular eatery, bar and store in Perth. Wine lovers are sure to find something that tickles their fancy from its comprehensive selection of regional favourites as well as Italian varietals. Diners looking for an amazing taste experience will be impressed by the big flavours served up on the menu inspired by Italy’s generous dining customs, which feature mouth-watering delights like bistecca alla Fiorentina and whisky semifreddo. Whether it’s just drinks or dinner you’re after, this one-stop wine shop promises to provide diners with an unforgettable culinary journey!

    Unique Local Beers: Ruinbar

    Ruinbar is a great place for beer connoisseurs in an old heritage building in Northbridge. This bar has many local beers to sample and offers its customers the chance to dive into Western Australia’s new craft brewing scene.

    The ambience at this venue can be very laid back – perfect after having had a long day – plus it boasts vintage furniture providing decoration. Not forgetting that there’s plenty of space outdoors as well, with enough seating options for everyone involved! Ruinbar provides one-of-a-kind experiences which should definitely be taken advantage of by both avid and occasional drinkers alike.

    Must-Try CBD Dining Experiences in Perth Restaurants

    A bar in Perth, Western Australia serving food and drinks

    Eating in the centre of Perth has a particular charm. All around, energy, life and colour draw people to dine out in the CBD. Within this exciting environment are two restaurants – Santini Bar & Grill and Hearth – both boasting an amazing selection of flavours from Italy to modern Australia, with Western Australian produce taking centre stage on menus at these venues.

    Santini brings together classic Italian dishes alongside grills like something you’d find back home in New York. Meanwhile, Hearth takes pride in showcasing its take on contemporary cuisine within its open-flame cooking presentation, all while maintaining unique dining experiences for any guest visiting either restaurant!

    Santini Bar & Grill

    Nestled in the heart of the CBD, Santini Bar & Grill is an upscale eatery that exudes class and sophistication. With its Italian classics and delectable New York-style grills on offer, guests will surely experience some exciting flavours with each visit.

    The inviting atmosphere at this restaurant creates a delightful setting for both everyday lunches or something more special like dinner parties – whatever you have planned, dining at Santini Bar & Grill promises to be memorable!

    Hearth: Modern Australian Cuisine

    Under the leadership of our head chef, Hearth is an esteemed restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton in Perth that celebrates Western Australian cuisine. Representing the flavours and ingredients from this region, the menu captures modern innovation with dishes using locally sourced components cooked over open flames to give them a rich flavour profile. From scallop ceviche and raw turnips during springtime to mushroom tagliatelle with ricotta, among other garden greens, anytime throughout the year, we provide food connoisseurs on their culinary journey around Australia an unforgettable experience here at Hearth Restaurant.

    Hidden Gems in Perth’s Suburbs

    A dining room in a restaurant in Perth, Western Australia with a view of the city

    Perth’s suburbs house some hidden culinary gems, with several restaurants that offer amazing dining experiences. Canton Lane offers fantastic yum cha dishes and is located in a shopping centre, giving an authentic experience. The southern suburb of Coogee Common has farm-to-fork Mediterranean fare using the site’s grown ingredients and great wines to choose from on its wine list, confirming you do not need to be in the city centre for top-notch meals! Both venues make Perth shine when it comes to tasteful menus and unique houses for this type of cuisine, which provides exciting options within reach without having to travel far away from home.

    Canton Lane: Best Yum Cha

    Canton Lane, a restaurant located in the Belmont Forum shopping centre, is an excellent place for Chinese cuisine. Serving up a wide range of dim sum dishes that are both tasty and traditional will be sure to satisfy your appetite no matter what you’re craving.

    From steamed dumplings to fried spring rolls, their yum cha options deliver unparalleled deliciousness with every bite. The atmosphere at Canton Lane provides comfortable seating perfect for enjoying these treats with family or friends alike!

    Coogee Common: Farm-to-Fork Dining

    A delicious dish served at Coogee Common, one of the top Perth restaurants known for their farm-to-fork dining experience.

    Coogee Common is a farm-to-table restaurant located just south of Fremantle in Coogee, Western Australia. Here you’ll find a unique dining experience with an everchanging menu utilizing their garden’s daily harvest for all of its fresh ingredients. Guests can enjoy dishes like scallops ceviche and raw turnips to mushroom tagliatelle made with ricotta from greens found at Coogee’s Garden as well as pairing wines that accompany them throughout your meal which are selected thoughtfully off the wine list provided here. The atmosphere brings forth delightful flavours alongside sustainability, making it a truly delicious yet meaningful visit when eating out in Australia!


    Perth’s dining scene is an exceptional culinary paradise, renowned for its delightful dishes and diverse offerings, from delectable restaurants with beautiful views to casual eateries dishing up locally-sourced produce. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds in the city of Perth. If you are a food enthusiast eager to explore new flavours or even a wine aficionado looking for the best local wines, then be sure not to put off indulging in this sunlit metropolis full of fine dining experiences and vibrant delights!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most popular food in Perth, Australia?

    Discover an array of delicious food dishes when you explore Perth’s vibrant restaurant scene.

    From Beef Tomahawk Steaks to Sourdough Bread, places like Ascua, Bathers Beach House and Hadiqa will provide a truly unforgettable experience. Plus, for dessert Whisk Creamery is ideal!

    Alternatively, try El Publico, one of Perth’s favourite Mexican restaurants and ever-popular dining hotspots, bringing both modern and traditional Mexican fare.

    What is Australia’s most famous restaurant?

    Quay is a renowned restaurant in Australia and one of the top eateries in Sydney, with its stunning views overlooking both the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Chef Peter Gilmore added to its reputation by updating it recently back in 2018. He has been at the helm as head chef since then for this esteemed dining establishment that offers diners unforgettable experiences thanks to his culinary genius!

    What is the focus of Perth’s dining scene?

    Explore the invigorating eating establishments of Perth, offering uniquely flavoured meals created with locally-sourced produce and fresh components.

    What are some of the best restaurants in Perth?

    If you’re looking to experience delicious dining in Perth, the recommended restaurants are Wildflower, Bread In Common, Il Lido, Le Rebelle and La Cabana. From romantic dinners for two to group gatherings, they offer a variety of cuisines ranging from Italian to French and modern Australian that will ensure your satisfaction! Enjoy the best of what this city offers regarding good food with any of these mouthwatering locations.

    What are some top wine bars and local brews in Perth?

    Treat yourself to some of Perth’s top wine bars and local brews, like Lalla Rookh and Ruinbar!

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