Bags are packed.  Flights are booked.  Accommodation is sorted.  Travel insurance has been arranged.  The house sitter is organised.  Mail has been redirected.  BAGS ARE PACKED!!  OMG, the bags!  How did you end up with so many bags for your trip overseas?  You’re only going for one month.  How did this happen?

Then the stress of getting to the airport crosses your mind.  How are you going to get you, your partner, three kids and ten, count them, ten bags to the airport????  What about you and your family, little Finn’s five teddies and his ‘blankie’ that he absolutely has to take with him.  Or Mia’s fifteen pairs of shoes, she is after all, twelve going on twenty five.  Despite your best efforts to reduce the number of bags, you still have ten bags!

No one in the family has a vehicle big enough for you and your bags.  Not surprisingly, no one is volunteering to drive you to the airport for your 2am flight.  Everyone wants to be tucked up in bed while you’re trundling through airport check-in.

Well, we have a solution.  Treat yourself and hire a limo to take you.  And not just any limo, but a 12 Seat Jeep Grand Cherokee Stretch Limousine!  That will easily fit you all in.  Phew, problem solved.

A limo driver won’t complain about the late night/early morning pick or drop off.

A limo driver won’t complain about not having enough room while trying to shove ten bags into the boot, onto the laps and under feet of the family in the three door Holden Cruze before leaving the car in long term parking.  The bags will simply slot inside the Jeep, leaving you and the family plenty of room to stretch out.

A limo driver will happily drive around the block so you can run back inside to check that you locked the front door.

A limo driver will gladly stop at Maccas for that late night coffee that you just have to have now that you’re on your way.

Your driver will, if you’re lucky, pop the cork on that bottle of bubbles so you can start your holiday with flair.

A ride in a limo to the airport means comfort. It means arriving in style.  It gives you the chance to relax before jumping onto a crowded plane for 14 hours. Most importantly, it means no stress.

A ride in a limo means kicking off your much longed for overseas holiday in fabulous style.

Does it get any better than that?