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A Day Tour from Perth to Pinnacles

Our Pinnacles Day Tours from Perth start with us picking you up from your accommodation at approximately 8 am and heading straight to the Pinnacles Desert located in Nambung National Park. 

Located 191kms (119 miles) from Perth, Nambung National Park, is positioned on the Turquoise Coast and home to the world-renowned Pinnacles Desert, is a perfect day trip from Perth at just over two hours north of the Perth CBD.

After driving for two hours, you’ll be ready to get out and stretch the legs amongst the ancient Pinnacles.

Our Pinnacles Day Tour Itinerary and what you can expect is highlighted below –

The Pinnacles Desert

Situated within the Nambung National Park is the picturesque Pinnacles Desert.  The Desert covers an area of approximately 190 hectares and is around 60 meters above sea level.  It contains thousands of limestone Pinnacles ranging in size from 30cm to 3.5 metres tall.

Entry to the park is $13 per passenger vehicle (of course this is included in your tour price) and gives you access to the Pinnacles Desert and the Discovery Centre.  You are welcome to buy light snacks, souvenirs and books about the Pinnacles from the Discovery Centre.

We recommend that visitors allow at least two hours to meander through the Desert.  The 4km long unsealed track is ideal for walking and can be completed on foot.  Alternatively, you can drive, although the trail is not suitable for oversize vehicles or caravans etc.  There are ample opportunities to hop out of the car for photos. Dawn and dusk are highly recommended viewing times as the soft light casts an eerie shadow over these ancient rocks.  Some of the Pinnacles are over 5 metres high, and the sun (and shadows) bounces all over the desert floor.

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How are the Pinnacles Formed?

Amid much debate, there are a few theories as to how the Pinnacles were created, which we will go into a little later, but they all share the same science.

The material that the Pinnacles consist of is seashells that have been broken down into lime rich sands. These sands were then blown inland to form dunes and the desert that is present today. From here there theories vary as to how the actual rock formations came to be.

The first theory is along the lines of they were formed by the leftovers of the Tamala Limestone deposits after extensive weathering caused depressions in the landscape over many thousands of years, resulting in the Pinnacle topography that exists today.

The second theory is that they were created through the conservation of tree casts that were buried in coastal plains where their roots became groundwater conduits. This process resulted in the creation of a hardened natural cement called calcrete, and further wind erosion then exposed these Calcrete pillars.

The third theory states that plants were actively involved in the Pinnacles formation. This is based upon the evidence of the creation of smaller ‘root casts’ under the same premise. The drawing of nutrients and calcium through the plant’s root systems resulted in high concentrations of calcium around the roots. Once the plants die the space occupied by the roots is taken by the calcium/carbonate deposits and possibly water leaching through the remaining structures.

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Lake Thetis Stromatolites

Just out of Cervantes a short distance is Lake Thetis, which is one of only five sites in Western Australia to feature stromatolites. 

The stromatolites may look like big rocks, but they are ancient living organisms, the oldest living lifeforms on the planet. 

They formed through the activity of embryonic unicellular organisms: cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and other algae. The stromatolites in Lake Thetis date back more than 3000 years.

They are easily accessible in the drier months via an elevated path.  The path is an easy 1.5km loop which offers the opportunity to view not just the stromatolites, but the native bird and animal life surrounding the lake.

It is essential that you do not deviate off the walkway so as not to damage the lake ecosystem and especially do not enter the lake, nor touch the stromatolites. 

Some of the fossilised remains found at Lake Thetis are estimated to be 3.6 billion years old and need our protection if they are to remain for future generations.

Cervantes Town Site and Lobster Shack Lunch

Cervantes is a small coastal cray fishing (Western Rock Lobster) town located a short drive north of the Pinnacles Desert and is well worth the visit. 

Here you’ll find enormously popular The Lobster Shack which serves the spectacular and delicious Western Rock Lobster, caught fresh off the coast that morning by the Thompson family who has been fishing the area since the 1960s. This is our lunch stop for the tour. The Lobster Shack doesn’t just serve lobster, but also offers the seafood lover abalone, prawns, oysters, squid and Spanish mackerel. 

Once you’ve eaten your fill, why not take a tour of the Indian Ocean Rock Lobster factory, which is located next door and can hold 20 tonnes of lobster for processing to both local and international markets. 

The Lobster Shack also offers fishing charters, lobster pot pulling and seal watching tours by prior arrangement and Allure Limousines & Luxury Tours can organise this for you.

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Lancelin Sand Dunes

After you’ve filled your stomach with beautiful, freshly caught Western Australian seafood, and we’ve had a look around the townsite of Cervantes, it’s time to drive down to a neighbouring coastal town called Lancelin. 

Lancelin is famous for a couple of things. Firstly, due to the gusty afternoon westerly winds, Lancelin is world-renowned as a windsurfing and kite-surfing location. 

Secondly, its proximity and accessibility to an extensive sand dune network where people can off-road 4WD, sandboard, ride Quad Bikes or simply just climb to the top to take in the breath-taking view across the Indian Ocean. 

Lancelin Sand Dunes

We end our day by travelling just over one hour back to the Perth CBD, where we drop you at your hotel, or your restaurant for that night, 

Typically our Pinnacles Day Trips take place in our Mercedes Benz SUV but we are happy to take any of our other vehicles, as shown below, if desired.

Allure Limousines can take you on a private charter to the Turquoise Coast and Pinnacles Desert. 

Please call +61 499 003 001 to book.