Scott and Jodie were married on Friday, 11 November 2016, which we all know is an important day in the history of Australia being Rememberance Day.  This day is now twice as memorable for them and their family and friends.

The Allure Limousines two-tone Chrysler 300C stretch limousine picked up the stunning bride and bridesmaids from Kenwick.  Getting out of the cul-de-sac was a bit tricky, with Janine having to reverse out around a corner, but with some guidance from Ward, the father of the bride, she did it with ease.  And so began the leisurely drive north to Bridgeleigh Reception Centre in Wanneroo.  As always, the bar was stocked with ice and chilled water, the sound system was pumping out some tunes, and we were ready to enjoy the ride.

Ward rode up front me with and used his local knowledge to ensure we missed some nasty Friday afternoon traffic.  It’s good to be in the know when driving a 4T, 9-metre-long limousine as it helps you avoid the nasty spots.  The last thing we wanted was to be stuck in peak hour traffic and for Scott to think Jodie wasn’t coming!

In honour of Remembrance Day, Ward’s wife had crocheted a red poppy for each wedding guest, which looked lovely against the crisp white table clothes of the reception.  Jodie included a poppy in her stunning bridal bouquet and Ward very kindly gave me one to wear.  Thank you Ward.

If you haven’t considered Bridgeleigh as a possible venue, please do.  The 10 acre grounds are beautiful for a wedding ceremony and the buildings perfect for the reception which is no doubt why Scott and Jodie chose it for their big day..

We wish Scott and Jodie the happiest of lives together, and hope that the journey in the limousine to the ceremony was a relaxing one.