Check out Allure Limousines top 5 tips to help you find your perfect school ball dress.  Why?  Because your school ball is probably the most anticipated night of the school year, so of course you want to look your best in a fabulous dress!

1. Find the best style for your body shape

Don’t feel pressured into wearing a school ball dress you’re not comfortable in as this will ruin the fun of the night. However, your school formal is a great opportunity to try new styles and colours. You may be surprised just how good you look and feel wearing something different.

Most importantly, buy a dress that suits your body shape. It will make you feel beautiful inside and out. That’s a guarantee!

2. Go shopping with your best friends

The nicest thing about shopping with friends is they will give you honest feedback about how you look. Plus you can have the fun of trying on a handful of dresses with your girls while they take photos of you wearing each dress.

 There may be sales on school ball dresses in some stores, so do your research to get the best bargains. See the latest styles in the shopping centre but remember, a higher price doesn’t mean it is a prettier dress. With the right style for your body shape and a great colour to suit your skin tone, your bargain buy will look like a designer outfit.

3. Try online shopping

Purchasing clothes online is very popular and provides quick access to a great variety of brands and fashion styles. Just remember to allow enough time for delivery. Make sure it’s possible to return the outfit and obtain a refund in case the online store sends the wrong size or if the dress isn’t a good fit for you. And beware of the horror stories of purchasing a school ball dress from that ‘reputable fashion house’ in China!!

4. Accessorise!

Jewellery can add glamour to any outfit or even make it look more formal. Your shoes can complete the look and give you an elegant feel, but only wear heels if you know you can walk and dance in them!

5. Complementing your date

Attending your School Ball with a date can be exciting so consider planning the colour of your outfits to ensure they complement each other. That way, you’ll know you will be looking good together both on and off the dance floor. It could even help your date choose a matching corsage for your school ball dress.

 Your School Ball will be a memorable night so put on your best dress and smile for the cameras!