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REO Speedwagon Vintage Limousine Hire

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REO Speedwagon Wedding Car
REO Speedwagon Allure Limousines with bridal party sitting in the car
REO Speedwagon Wedding Car
Australian Wedding Industry Awards 2022 Winner Allure Limousines
Australian Wedding Industry Awards 2022 Winner Allure Limousines

Australia's Only REO Speed Wagon Wedding Car

The REO Speedwagon revolutionised trucks in the 1920s. Originally built by Ransom E Olds, the man who founded the Oldsmobile brand in the USA, REO made a highly regarded range of cars and trucks from the early 1900s to the late 1930s. REO trucks were much faster than other slower commercial vehicles, which led to the model being named a ‘Speed Wagon’.

The REO limo is the only six-wheel-equipped limousine (having spare tyres in the front fenders) available for hire in Perth, and we’re pretty sure Australia.

It has been re-painted to match our Rolls Royce Silver Wraith in the art deco colours of black over ivory.

Often associated with Rolls Royce Phantom limousines, our REO Speedwagon has also been retrofitted with a complete set of whitewall tyres to recreate the glamour and style of that period.

If you have your heart set on this limousine for your occasion, we recommend booking early, as the REO sells out most weekends.

If you need more information about, or pictures of, the spectacular REO Speedwagon, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using our Contact Page.

After revolutionising commercial vehicles in the 1920 – 1930s, REO Speedwagon’s name comes from the fact they lifted the average speed of trucks to be similar to cars of that time. Only made for a short time in 1933-1934, our REO Speedwagon is an original long-wheel-base BN series.

The BN Series REO was a special combination model giving both the speed and comfort of a car, along with the size and strength of the REO trucks.

Making the Allure Limousines REO one of the rarest examples of Speedwagon, only a small number of BN series REOs were made as high-speed delivery vans and very few of these had the long-wheelbase chassis.

A long-wheelbase chassis and cross-over of truck and car technology of the time laid the base for our REO limousine.

I’m not sure how many Speed Wagons made their way to Australia, our REO may be the only one. It was fitted out as an eight-passenger country service vehicle in northern Victoria. The Allure Limousines REO Speed Wagon is a rare survivor of Australian and US motoring history.

REO Speedwagon Occasions

REO Speedwagon Weddings

Perth couples with vintage themed weddings love the REO Speedwagon. Painted in period black and ivory colours, it is Perth’s only authentic vintage limo . When paired with our Rolls Royce Wraith Wedding Car it makes a spectacular period statement.

The REO limousine in our regular format seats up to six passengers in the rear. We can move the seating configuration to seat up to eight people (including the front passenger seat) if required, but if this configuration is required, we will need advance notice.

REO Speedwagon Special Occasions

The REO Speedwagon is ideal for short hire limo services for special occasions requiring a vintage theme, or just the fun of something completely different.

The car is often used for marriage proposals, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, and for the young at heart who want to make a memorable entrance.

REO Speedwagon Wine Tours

The REO Speedwagon limousine is an excellent way for small groups of friends to explore the Swan Valley wine region in Perth, sampling great wines, sharing a fun lunch at one of the wineries or breweries along the way.

Promotional Work

Our REO Speedwagon has also proven popular for promotional work as a theme setting prop.

It was once used for the Hale School Senior School Ball and for promotional photography promoting a range of products.

Limousine Hire in Perth

What’s old is new again and that’s certainly the case with the REO Speedwagon limousine. If you’re looking for something unique and vintage for your next event, look no further than this classic beauty. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, special occasion or corporate promotion, the REO Speedwagon will make a lasting impression. So pull out all the stops and make your event truly memorable with this one-of-a-kind luxury car.

And if you’re looking for limousine hire in Perth, we have the biggest and best range of luxury limos available. Contact us today to book your ride!