Planning the perfect marriage proposal can be one of the most nerve-wracking times in a guy’s life.

It is the time when he realises that he wants to be with the person that he is with for the rest of his life……..he wants to make his girlfriend his WIFE!

 I can almost feel the sweaty palms as I am typing this – yes guys, I know all too well how it feels!

You have saved your hard-earned cash and roped in one of your best friends, or a brother or sister (in my case my brother-in-law), to come engagement ring shopping with you to find THAT ring – you know, the one that is absolutely going to blow her mind.

With the ring bought, you set about planning the perfect marriage proposal and what is for most guys probably the most romantic gesture that you have ever thought of. Do you take her to your favourite place? The place that you first met, or had your first date? A tropical island holiday?

Or maybe you take her on a Perth Limo Hire experience for a couple of hours complete with complimentary champagne.  You plan on stopping along the way at the picturesque Kings Park and South Perth to take in the sights of the Perth City skyline.  There’s always time for a few photos before arriving at your favourite restaurant in time for a romantic dinner for two.

If you’re anything like me the temptation will be to jump straight into it and ask her as soon as you sit in the back of that limousine, but steady on fellas…………. Build some tension first……… maybe try to make her believe that you are just spoiling her with a night out. The best proposals are usually the one that she doesn’t see coming.

So you’ve made it through entrée, your palms are already sweating and you’ve still got one course to go before your big moment. Take your time – enjoy this moment because you’ll only get to experience this once (hopefully that is…..haha!) One word of stern advice – go easy on the drinks guys, there will be plenty of time to celebrate AFTER she’s said yes.

Main course comes and goes like a V8 Supercar on its final lap of Bathurst, and it’s time………. You’re up! Now often the question afterwards by her friends and family is “did he get down on his knee to ask you”, my advice to you on this matter is that it really is a non-negotiable. Don’t be like me and be left saying, “I wish I’d known this BEFORE I proposed”……

Get down on one knee and she’ll be like putty in your hands boys…… wait for the “YES”, put that ring on her finger, pray that it fits, and then it’ll be time to celebrate! Champagne will flow and dessert will be the least stressful course of the entire evening.

Who knows? You may even chose to call your favourite limo driver up to come back and get you so that you can start making phone calls & wake up your family and friends with the good news on your way home  She’ll be telling all her girlfriends how you planned the perfect marriage proposal, I guarantee it………..