Missy Higgins Concert Kings Park

Missy Higgins Concert Kings Park

What better way to get you and a bunch of friends to a Missy Higgins concert or any other concert for that matter, than in the back of an Allure Limousine.  You get to relax and arrive in style, while your driver worries about the traffic and the parking.  Allure Limousines has the magnificent two-tone Chrysler 300C stretch limousine, along with the white Jeep Grand Cherokee stretch limousine.

Getting to the concert in Kings Park

Graham and his nine friends booked the Chrysler limo for the Missy Higgins concert in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. The beauty of hiring a stretch limousine for a concert in Kings Park, is that there is plenty of room in the boot for the picnic blankets, chairs, coolers, rain ponchos and other paraphernalia needed to ensure a good time was had by all.

We had a couple of stops to make on our way to the concert, but no one minded as the bar was stocked with glasses, plenty of ice and water and the tunes were cranking.

Getting Home From The Concert In Kings Park

Pick up after a concert has the potential to be very tricky, however, by liaising closely with Graham, I ensured he had no difficulty in finding me AND him and his friends didn’t have to hike for miles through Kings Park looking for me.  As anyone knows, getting out of Kings Park after a concert can be slow going, but being in the back of a limo, ensures you are doing it in style and comfort.

It was a true testament to the beauty of the Chrysler 300C that many of the other concert attendees thought I was there to pick up Missy Higgins!  Missy, if you’re reading this, we’d love to be of service next time you’re in town.  We can pop a car seat in for Samuel.

Thanks to Graham for trusting us to get him and his friends safely to and from the concert.  We hope that it made a good night out, great!