You asked, and we answered: “Is there a Ferrari limousine?” Yes, there is a Ferrari limousine.

Cutting to the chase, such a stretched marvel’s prototype exists. Based on a Ferrari 360 Modena, this supercar turned limo is as real as it is remarkable, embodying the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity.

This article dives into the details of the world’s longest Ferrari, explores its features, and reveals how you might experience the thrill of this opulent ride.

Key Takeaways for Ferrari Limousine

The Birth of the Ferrari Limousine: Scott Marshall’s Creation

An Australian car enthusiast named Scott Marshall was fascinated by a Ferrari 360 Modena and decided to embark on an ambitious project of transforming it into a stretched limousine version of street machine. This daring venture, comparable to attaching a rocket onto a racehorse, resulted in the creation of a unique supercar stretch limousine that has become the talk of the town.

Marshall’s innovative approach to modifying cars went beyond just extending its length. He gave it new life altogether. The end product is now being sold by Exotic Limo, which is fittingly named for this exquisite party machine. The Ferrari 360 Modena stretch stands as proof of human inventiveness and boldness, truly an impressive sight.

Red Ferrari Limousine on an Aaustralian country road linerd with gum trees

Cutting the Ferrari in Half: The Air Hacksaw Method

Marshall boldly cut a genuine Ferrari 360 Modena in half using an air hacksaw as the first step towards building his dream machine. The powerful tool’s compressed air and piston cylinder setup made quick work of slicing through the metal body like butter.

After halving the car, Marshall extended its body with aluminium chassis extensions to create a longer street machine from what was once a compact supercar. Despite facing potential dangers such as flying steel pieces from snapped blades during this high-stakes process, he expertly performed this risky form of “car surgery.”

The end result? A unique stretch Ferrari limousine that can comfortably seat up to eight people (be it eight kids, or adults), making for one-of-a-kind party transportation featuring none other than a modified Ferrari at its centre.

Building the World’s Longest Ferrari 360 Modena Stretch Limousine

One of the most notable features of the Ferrari limousine is its exceptional length. With a measurement exceeding 20 feet (6 meters), this stretched version holds the title as the world’s longest Ferrari. To maintain balance and stability, a customized carbon fibre section was added to serve as a sleek corset for this impressive vehicle.

Despite its elongated appearance, the luxurious Ferrari Limousine stays true to its origins as a supercar. Originally based on the iconic Ferrari 360 Modena, it has been upgraded with various amenities such as air conditioning, scissor doors, two TVs and even a fully stocked bar. Not only does it provide an upscale mode of transportation, but also promises an unforgettable experience onboard.

Beyond being simply another high-end car option, the Subaru Liberty GT offers clients an exclusive luxury journey on wheels. Merging extravagance with performance, this modified version stands out in both style and function. Its incorporation of elements from a renowned manufacturer, Ferrari, makes it clear that although adapted, it still embodies all aspects expected from one of its esteemed vehicles. The addition of custom upgrades, including climate control, special door openings, and multiple TV screens makes.It is evident why not just any sedan can be considered worthy enough for conversion into such elegant means.For transportation.

Features of the Ferrari Limousine : Luxury Meets Supercar Performance

The Ferrari Limo perfectly combines the best of both worlds. It boasts a supercar’s impressive power and speed thanks to its original 3.6-litre V8 engine that can generate up to 400 horsepower. But it also offers all the luxury and comfort one would expect from a limousine, with room for eight passengers, sleek wood veneer trimmings, and luxurious velvet curtains adorning its interior.

But this is more than just your average ride – it’s an ultimate party experience on wheels! Equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as multiple TVs and surround sound system reminiscent of a movie theatre setting, you’ll feel like royalty in this Ferrari limo. Its fancy gull-wing doors add another touch of elegance, while inside lies a fully stocked bar filled with high-end liquors alongside fizzy soft drinks, beer and bottled water, ensuring something for everyone.

In essence, Ferrari Limo surpasses expectations by offering not only transportation but an unforgettable party experience loaded with lavish amenities, including gullwing doors, enjoyable audio-visual systems, and, lastly, a well-stocked bar at hand where guests are treated to top-quality offerings from high-end liquor brands down.

Cinematic Surround Sound System and Killer Stereo

The Ferrari Limousine is the ultimate party vehicle, equipped with a high-quality sound system and impressive stereo to elevate any celebration. Imagine yourself cruising down the road as the powerful V8 engine provides an exhilarating backdrop for your favourite music, blasting through top-of-the-line speakers. It’s not just about loud tunes. It’s about a cinematic surround sound system creating an immersive experience that transports you into a live concert.

But don’t be mistaken – the Ferrari Limo’s sound system isn’t simply for show. With careful planning and expertise from Burmester Audiosysteme and Harman, renowned leaders in-car entertainment systems, this limo boasts state-of-the-art features such as Bluetooth connectivity, AUX input options, and surround sound capabilities to deliver unmatched audio quality unlike anything else on wheels.

Ferrari Limousine – Race Seats and Black Leather Interior

The interior of the Ferrari Limousine is just as impressive as its exterior, offering a perfect mix of comfort and style. With sleek carbon fiber race seats featuring five-point harnesses for passenger safety, there’s a touch of sportiness that adds to the overall appeal.

To the high-performance race seats, this limo boasts an elegant black leather interior that exudes luxury while still maintaining its athletic edge. The use of genuine leather paired with side bolsters from racing chairs creates a lounge-like atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and cozy at once. Not only does it add class, but practicality too – able to effortlessly hide dirt and resist fading without sacrificing easy maintenance. Essentially, it is like having your own personal butler taking care of your car’s interior needs.

Fully Stocked Bar for Ultimate Entertainment

One distinctive aspect of the Ferrari Limo is its fully equipped bar, which offers a range of drinks for passengers to enjoy during their journey. While having a bar in a luxury car like the Ferrari may seem extravagant, it perfectly embodies the limo’s essence, providing ultimate indulgence and entertainment.

Safety remains the top priority for limousines, even when partying on wheels. The built-in bar ensures stability and security so that passengers can relish their beverages without worrying about spills or mishaps. Limousine companies ensure that all riders are legally permitted to consume alcohol and guarantee that drivers remain completely sober at all times, ensuring an enjoyable yet safe experience for everyone involved.

Handling Speed Bumps and Challenges: Driving the Ferrari Stretch Limo

Driving a Ferrari Stretch Limo can be quite challenging, as navigating its elongated body through tight spaces requires skill. This only adds to the excitement of driving such a unique vehicle.

Despite these challenges, the performance of the Ferrari Limousine remains top-notch, with an impressive 400HP and plush Recaro seats for maximum comfort. All the luxurious amenities onboard this dream machine on wheels will delight passengers.

Red Ferrari Limousine in the desert

DreamTech Conversions’ Expertise

The Ferrari Limousine is not an easy vehicle to handle, but with the assistance of DreamTech Conversions, it becomes a manageable task. Their expertise helps overcome challenges and ensures a smooth ride for this unique and large limousine. They excel in converting such vehicles by paying attention to every detail and transforming them into exceptional luxury experiences.

DreamTech Conversions approaches Ferrari limousine conversion as more than just a technical challenge – they see it as an opportunity to create something extraordinary. With their meticulous work, even navigating speed bumps becomes effortless for the Ferrari Limo without compromising on style or comfort. From handling performance to interior design, entertainment systems, lighting, and soundproofing – each aspect receives the utmost attention from DreamTech Conversions.

By leaving no stone unturned during their conversion process at Dreamtech conversions, it undoubtedly contributes towards creating truly amazing Ferrari limos. So these are real enhanced driving machines which have been built thanks to top being diligent. The result shows how much time, effort & skill goes behind building one is apparent when experiencing your own luxurious trip onto the road aboard these remarkable futuristic self-converted cabby by Dreamtech conversions.

Tips for Chauffeurs and Drivers of the Ferrari Limousine

Successfully operating a Ferrari Limo requires specific technical skills and an in-depth understanding of the vehicle’s unique needs. Along with excellent hand-eye coordination, drivers must also possess the ability to anticipate passengers’ requirements and expertly plan routes.

Chauffeurs or drivers responsible for maneuvering a Ferrari Limousine should have these qualities at their disposal. Proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring its optimal performance. This includes using high-quality cleaning products regularly, providing UV protection to prevent sun damage, weekly bio-hazard cleanings to maintain hygiene standards, making sure all passengers are safely buckled up during rides and remaining sober while driving at all times. In case of unforeseen circumstances on trips with this luxury vehicle, emergency gear should be easily accessible as well.

In summary, the safe operation of a Ferrari Limousine depends on possessing essential skills along with thorough upkeep measures that need consistent attention. The driver being diligent about following these guidelines will ensure safety regulations compliance by securing passengers lives contributing to continued smooth functioning journey experience involving ferrari limo.

Thus, overall caretaking practices guarantee prime operational status enforced upon some points outlined already and are inevitable when it comes down to using such sophisticated vehicles like Ferrari stretch models accommodating more-than-regular crowd embracing ahead-of-the-times travelling method comfort fusions fused inside one supersized car body compatible together, sparing no necessities, but satisfying desired transportation goals inspiring awe-inspiring thrill, intensifying impression & setting unforgettable, captivating experiences waiting behind the four corners of surprising spots highlighted through clients which will attract them towards future partnerships embodying glorious sightseeing traditions creating treasured memories, knocking themselves out.

Availability and Pricing: Owning the Iconic Ferrari Limousine

While the Ferrari Limousine may seem like a vehicle straight out of a fairy tale, it is in fact very real and open to those brave enough to experience it. Currently on the market for an eye-catching price ranging from $219,000 up to $399,999, this limo makes as much of a statement as its extravagant design suggests. But if purchasing isn’t within your means right now, fear not – you can also rent this luxurious ride and indulge in its unique charm without breaking the bank.

Whether your intention is buying or renting, one thing is for certain – riding in a Ferrari Limousine will leave quite an impression. With options available through Just Cars and Exotic Limo platforms alike, even those who dare bask in luxury with high-performing cars won’t have far to look before finding their dream ride thereon.

Should financial assistance be necessary along that journey toward opulence? Financing opportunities are provided by none other than reputable providers such as Ferrari Financial making ownership more attainable still down these roads where exotic vehicles reign supreme amid all others at length beside unmatched quality components proffered ultimately therein encompassing superior performance benchmarks bestowed intimately beneath utterly divine wondrous automotive compositions they craft expressly bespoke accordingly consistently delivering lavishness markedly way beyond common boundaries prevailing courtesy sheer passion demonstrably ostentatiously eloquently embodied epitomized passionately perpetuated luxuriantly regardless immediately around exceedingly particularly preceding streamlined driver ships comparatively comfortably cooler imposing textures personally pursued founded upon driver-invite rich pedigree credentials yet currently riveting ingenuity alternately ergonomically domus devoted dynamics situated admirably amidst technical superiority enlisting emboldened terrains vigorously depending be sought intuitively fitting ahead communally sublime figuratively abstractive remarkable following degrees carried somber witness selected fleets naturally expending globally congruent transportation mobility assurances every generation smoothly euphoria genuinely

Red Ferrari in a cityscape

Australian Site Carsales Listing

If you’re interested in buying the Ferrari Limousine, an Australian website called Carsales has it listed for a price of $399,999. Although this may seem like a high cost, keep in mind that we are talking about the longest Ferrari in the world, a vehicle that sets new standards for luxury and performance. Purchasing this iconic car is relatively simple. Once you have found its listing on Carsales, all you need to do is contact the seller, inspect it yourself and make an offer.

The technical specifications of the Ferrari Limousine listed on Carsales will surely excite any car enthusiast. With room to accommodate up to 10 people and equipped with a powerful V8 engine as well as Bluetooth and AUX connectivity features, owning this vehicle would be more than just having another fancy car; it would be experiencing something truly special. Based on 15 reviews of previous buyers on cars, which average at 3.6 out of five stars, driving or even being driven around in this exotic limo seems worth trying.

Exotic Limo Rentals in Melbourne

If the Ferrari Limousine is out of your price range, don’t worry; you can still enjoy its luxurious features and powerful performance by renting it from Exotic Limo Rentals in Melbourne. This package includes seating for 8 (+1) passengers, a quick acceleration time of only 6 seconds thanks to its impressive V8 engine, and convenient Bluetooth/AUX connectivity.

This head-turning ride will undoubtedly add an unforgettable touch to any event or special occasion. And securing a rental with Exotic Limo Rentals couldn’t be easier: there’s no minimum duration requirement, but customers must pay a booking fee equivalent to half of their total quote upfront. Not surprisingly, past customers rave about the fancy cars and exceptional customer service this top-notch auto and company provides.

Renting the Ferrari Limousine through Exotic Limo Rentals is a simple yet rewarding experience that has left countless satisfied clients singing praises for these exquisite vehicles available in Melbourne. From its sleek design to its fast speed capabilities, it allows up to eight + one passengers at once while boasting advanced technology such as Bluetooth/Aux Connectivity that engages perfectly when quickly accelerating within six seconds. Leave fond memories etched forever, regardless of which events they are required!

Other Supercar Stretch Limousines: Beyond the Ferrari Limo

While the Ferrari Limousine is undeniably impressive, it’s not the only supercar stretch limousine on the market. Companies like Style Limousines and Exotic Limo have also joined in on creating these ultra-luxurious vehicles.

One example is the Lamborghini stretch limo, which offers a unique experience with features such as an L-shaped five-seater couch, plasma screens, a champagne bar and a powerful V8 engine. Another option is the Porsche 911 Carrera-based stretched limousine that can still achieve speeds of up to 293 km/h thanks to its original model’s speed capabilities.

These extraordinary vehicles redefine luxury transportation just like their counterpart, the Ferrari Limo, proving there are no limits when creating extravagant car stretches.

Summary for Ferrari Limousine

The Ferrari Limousine is not just an ordinary vehicle, it represents human creativity and boldness. Combining a supercar’s unmatched power with a limousine’s extravagance, this car revolutionizes luxury transportation. Whether you’re driving or relaxing in the spacious backseat with a glass of bubbly, the Ferrari Limo promises an unparalleled experience. It epitomizes opulence, high performance and innovation, truly an icon in its own right within the automobile industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Ferrari limo?

The Ferrari limo is listed for a hefty six-figure sum of $399,999 AUD, or roughly $285,000 USD. It’s quite the luxurious ride, but definitely not your typical limo!

How fast is the Ferrari limo?

The Ferrari limo can reach a top speed of 166 MPH and goes from 0 to 60 in less than six seconds—very impressive for a stretched-out supercar!

How many seats does a Ferrari limo have?

With space for a total of 9 people, including the front passenger seat next to the driver, you and your friends can hit the road in luxurious fashion with this Ferrari limousine. Let’s raise a glass to that!

Which is the longest Ferrari limo of the world?

The longest Ferrari limo in the world is the 20-foot 360 Modena, which was chopped in half and stretched 9.5 feet, claiming the Guinness World Record for fastest limousine. Plus, it can fit 8 passengers.

Cheers to Ferrari’s stretchy creation!

Who created the Ferrari Limousine?

Scott Marshall, a car enthusiast from Australia, had the boldness to design and construct a unique vehicle, the Ferrari Limousine.

Isn’t it unbelievable?

This one-of-a-kind creation combines both luxury and speed as it boasts features of both a luxury and a speed.