How Much Do Weddings Cost in Australia in 2024?

For couples getting married, it can be expensive to create their dream day. So, How Much Do Weddings Cost in Australia in 2024?

In Australia in 2024, the average wedding cost varies from state to state and also depends on factors such as venue, catering costs, attire expenses and wedding budget.

To get an understanding of these varying prices for Australian wedding planning and the average wedding cost, we’ll break down all expenses by categories so that you have a full picture when planning your wedding budget for this special occasion.

Moreover, there are some money-saving options available that could help cut back on the cost of a wedding, while still giving you a beautiful celebration; just keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Average wedding costs in Australia are estimated to be between $40,000 and $54,000.

  • Budgeting is key for couples looking to create a memorable day within their budget. Setting realistic goals, tracking expenses and implementing saving strategies can help.

  • Alternative options such as intimate weddings or non-traditional venues may also provide cost savings without compromising on the special day.

Average Wedding Costs in Australia

An image showing the breakdown of how much do weddings cost in Australia, including venue, catering, photography, and other expenses.

When it comes to Australian weddings, beautiful celebrations come with an average price tag that ranges from $40,000-$54,000.

This is based on the size of your ceremony and can be affected by factors such as venue expenses, catering costs for a guest count of 93.39 people in 2024.

Wedding Photography/videography fees along with attire and accessories pricing.

Understanding all these financial elements associated to wedding planning will help allocate budgets properly so couples may plan their ideal day without any extra stress or worry!

Let’s take a look at every element separately: Venue charges are usually one of the biggest chunks within wedding budget allocations, followed by caterers who provide meals appropriate according to guest list, then those very important details like photographs which preserve memories forever also need considering alongside items such as bridal gowns etc…

Knowing this information beforehand gives insight into how expensive an Average Australian Wedding is making sure you don’t blow away your allocated funds too quickly when organising yours!

Wedding Venue Expenses

When wedding planning, selecting a perfect venue for your wedding that sets the tone of your big day, it’s essential to remember that these costs can be one of the highest in your original budget.

Typically, a wedding budget averages between $14,000 and $15,000 – with around 43% just for reception alone.

Location & region, type of venue, size/capacity as well as guest count contribute towards costing a wedding in Australia, along with taking into account any theme or decorations you may choose too.

Remember that most popular venues charge you to cut your wedding cake.

Exploring different options available while keeping priorities at heart should guide finding an ideal place that fits within expectations plus its respective cost!

Wedding Catering Costs

Organising a wedding can be quite costly, and catering costs often play an important role in the budget.

On average, Australian weddings cost between $5,000-$5,500 for food provisions for their big day.

This figure may vary depending on how many guests you have invited as well as what type of menu selections you decide upon.

Regarding traditional meals at weddings in Australia, alternate drop menus remain popular amongst couples, with wedding cake served as dessert.

More than half prefer other options such as roving finger foods or buffets/grazing tables set out with various choices from feasting platters up to even bringing mobile food trucks onto the scene!

When trying to make your dream wedding day come alive whilst not exceeding its financial limits, having a close collaboration with caterers is always key so that all relevant information has been taken into consideration before reaching any final decisions regarding meal arrangements.

Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Fees

On your special day, hiring a professional videographer to capture the memories of your wedding is important.

Couples in Australia typically allocate around $3,000 for photography services and close to $2,800 on average for video coverage, making it an essential investment you want in order not to miss out on any precious moments.

Over 61% are seen having someone professionally film their nuptials here – so investigate which option suits you best with regards to budget and desired style before concluding with whom you will hire!

Be sure that both yourself and the professionals involved have discussed expectations prior. This way, everything can be smooth sailing come the big event itself!

Wedding Attire and Accessories Pricing

On your special day, looking amazing is essential for many couples and they should be aware of how much wedding attire costs.

In Australia, the average cost range of groom’s suits and bride’s gown can stretch from $1,400 to an estimated price tag of around $2,300, not including the bridesmaids dresses, dresses or rings.

To save money on this expenditure, it might help to explore options such as finding a pre-owned dress or choosing something more rustic instead, like vintage outfits in order to fit within any budget set out beforehand.

Doing so will keep everyone stylish without going over funds, allowing you all look stunningly put together come wedding time!

State-by-State Wedding Cost Comparison

A map of Australia with different states highlighted

It’s important to consider that the average spend of a wedding can be quite different from one state in Australia to another. This could depend on guest numbers, local vendor prices and other details.

In this section, we will look into average costs for weddings around states, including New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, as well as Western and South Australia, so you may decide which location would best fit your needs when planning your big day!

By researching these facts about expenses related to getting married across the country you’ll gain an understanding of the differences between them all and make an informed decision regarding what suits you best financially.

New South Wales Wedding

In New South Wales, an average wedding day costs around $46,000. This high amount can be attributed to unique and customised weddings taking place as well as the presence of a large number of annual nuptials and venues with higher prices than elsewhere.

Couples usually spend about $35,993 on their venue along with another $8955 for wedding catering alone, which is why it’s vital that couples should have knowledge about these expenses when planning their special day in this state so they don’t exceed their budget or miss out any important details like not having enough guests due to lack of money etc

It would also help if you prioritize what really matters during your big day, such as researching local suppliers who offer great deals without compromising quality services or end results, thus giving you more bang for your buck!

Remember, investing some time into understanding finances will make all the difference between throwing an amazing wedding party, versus one where funds fall short towards its successful realization

Victoria Wedding

In Victoria, weddings typically cost about $46,000, on par with those in New South Wales. This high price tag is due to couples wanting quality vendors and bespoke services for their big day.

On average, 109 guests attend a wedding here, which affects the financial aspects such as venue hire and food costs.

When organising your Australian wedding, it’s important to consider local venues & suppliers and allocate wedding costs based on what matters most, all while having an overall vision of how you want this momentous event to look within budget constraints.

Queensland Wedding

When planning a wedding budget, Queensland has an average cost of $31,700. This amount is typically lowered by smaller guest counts and catering costs ranging from $39 to $ 250 per person.

When it comes to photography and videography packages for the big day, expenses can go up anywhere between $ 2,000 to $ 3,500 (videographer) or £750-£3200(photographer), depending on the services provided.

For couples looking into organising an affordable ceremony in this state without compromising quality – researching local venues as well as vendors within your budget will ensure that you get all you’re after whilst still saving money!

South Australian Wedding

The average wedding cost in South Australia is about $39,200; couples tend to exceed that. The price per person for a venue hire works out at around $97 with an approximate capacity of 174 people, making this state more budget-friendly than other places for weddings.

When organizing your nuptials here, you should investigate options from local vendors as well as venues before making choices so that your money gets the most value possible on such a special day.

If carefully planned beforehand, you can have an amazing wedding within SA without going overboard on expenses.

Western Australian Wedding

When planning a wedding in Western Australia, it’s estimated that the average wedding cost is around $35,750. This can be lower due to fewer interstate and international guests.

When you are selecting a wedding venue some popular Western Australian wedding venues are Joondalup Resort, The Pavilion Mindarie or Brookleigh Estate, with an estimate of about $90 per guest on average for wedding venue hire.

You may find saving money when hosting your big day easier than in other states by looking into local vendors and making sure you plan accordingly within your budget boundaries.

Doing so guarantees a memorable event that perfectly meets aesthetic desires and financial goals!

Budgeting Tips for Australian Weddings

A couple discussing their wedding budget

Managing a wedding budget can be challenging, yet it is achievable with the right approach. We will review several tactics for Australian weddings to make your dream ceremony cost-effective without sacrificing its beauty.

This includes establishing realistic budget objectives, recording expenditures and applying savings strategies to get gorgeous wedding flowers that align with your financial requirements. Utilizing these techniques for wedding cake should enable an enjoyable event while respecting budgets.

Setting Realistic Goals for your Wedding Budget

Developing a realistic wedding budget is essential for understanding each other’s financial habits, saving responsibly and providing a strong economic base as you start your lives together. Here are the steps needed to create such original wedding budget as an outline:

  1. Take into account any savings or income that needs to be factored in, as well as what goals must be met by this expenditure.

  2. Do research on how much weddings typically cost within your area/country so you can properly allocate costs accordingly when it comes down planning specifics like catering services or venue rentals based off of available funds and desires listed out during pre-planning stages..

  3. Separate finances between various aspects -attire selection , drinks etc.-of the big day according oto personal wishes following those numbers saved up .

By putting these methods in place during preparation phases, everyone involved with find less stress concerning their wallets while focusing more onto creating memorable days!

Having sensible expectations along with expenses ranked through preferences helps one best manage cash investments all while keeping eyes open towards overall economic situations post “I do” moment.

Tracking Wedding Expenses

Staying within budget is of utmost importance during the wedding planning process, and it’s recommended to track expenses using various tools such as Easy Weddings, Mint, The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner or WeddingHappy.

To get a better grip on spending habits and make sure funds are used in an optimal way couples should take care to review their budget weekly instead of simply letting money run out without keeping tabs.

This proactive approach can help avoid financial stress connected with weddings and hit planned savings targets successfully too!

Saving Strategies for your Wedding

For a successful wedding day and without relying on loans or credit cards, it’s wise to implement some saving strategies.

Establishing an automated transfer into a high-interest savings account with the intention of reaching your financial goal in at least one year is advisable.

Cutting down costs and increasing income can Aid you towards achieving your desired wedding fund balance. This way allows for long term happiness rather than short term debt!

Alternative Wedding Options for Budget-Conscious Couples

A couple celebrating their wedding day in a non-traditional venue

For couples watching their budget, there are some creative wedding ideas to help you make your special day memorable without breaking the bank.

Such alternatives include having intimate weddings and choosing off-peak seasons or weekdays for the event while exploring unique venues such as restaurants that offer catering services that can provide an ideal setting at a more affordable cost.

Intimate Weddings

For couples who are looking for a more personalized and cost-effective wedding experience, intimate weddings with smaller guest lists in Australia can be an ideal solution.

With reduced costs on catering, venue hire and other aspects of the day, it is possible to create a beautiful celebration within a range between $25 000 – $65 000 that would be much lower than what larger events require.

When organizing an intimate occasion there are venues which offer special packages at budget friendly prices such as: long table dining in orchards, waterfront locations with specific packages tailored to these needs, reception/ceremony combos held inside restaurants etc.

Researching all options carefully enables you to enjoy your wedding without having inflated expenses while still creating memories that will last forever!

Off-Peak Season and Weekday Weddings

In Australia, the potential cost savings offered by off-peak season and weekday weddings can be very attractive for budget-conscious couples. Offering discounts from June to July, these options often provide an opportunity to negotiate lower prices with vendors and venues while increasing availability of preferred services at a reduced rate.

Before making this decision it is essential that all pros and cons are weighed – like wedding plans, guests’ availability or taking time away from work, in order to ensure the best fit for preferences as well as wedding budgets.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venues and Catering

For couples who are looking for a cost-effective alternative to conventional wedding venues, there is an array of non-traditional places that can provide more reasonable options for your special day.

Options such as backyards, pubs, galleries and art galleries, cafes and vineyards or community halls may offer unique locations where you could serve memorable invitations with delicious cakes at lower costs than traditional choices.

To these alternative sites also comes lesser catering expenses if one were to consider self-catering by providing potluck meals or food trucks in order to plan their budget according making sure all aspects of the big day go smoothly without breaking the bank!

Financing Your Wedding in Australia

A couple discussing their wedding financing options

For couples in Australia looking to fund their wedding, a variety of options, such as loans, credit cards and savings accounts, are available. It is essential that debt be avoided if at all possible due to the potential for financial strain down the road.

To make sure your perfect day goes without any money troubles, it’s important to stay on your wedding budget, document your spending habits and save wisely for what matters most- your dream wedding!

Prioritize expenditures accordingly and reap joyous rewards, knowing you achieved an amazing experience while sticking within reasonable means of average Australian wedding costs.


When it comes to planning a wedding in Australia, there are various expenditures that must be taken into account, from the venue and catering fees to attire costs, as well as photography and videography charges.

One should consider possible differences in pricing between states before settling on an overall budget for their big day.

For those looking for ways of trimming expenses while still having the wedding ceremony they desire, alternative solutions such as opting out of certain elements can help save some money without sacrificing ambience or quality.

At its core though, your wedding is meant to celebrate your love with each other so don’t forget this when making financial decisions. If planned properly you will have fond memories of the occasion with friends that’ll last forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding cost per head Australia?

The typical expenditure for a wedding venue in Australia during 2022 previous year was around $14,758 and with an average of 90 people attending the final cost of per person averaged at $165. This is reflective of what is typically spent on weddings throughout this area.

How much does a big wedding cost in Australia?

For couples in Australia, an average wedding cost can be expected to be between $36,000 and $51,000. To fund it many will use their own savings or a loan or credit card which often results in the final bill for expenses exceeding the original budget by up to 26%.

Who pays for what at weddings in Australia?

In Australia, customarily, the groom’s family are responsible for paying the wedding-related expenses. The bride is expected to pay for both a marriage celebrant used to solemnise their union and a marriage license.

Meanwhile, the location where they’ll exchange vows comes with its own bill from her side of things.

Who pays for the wedding?

Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the wedding. However, as couples are increasingly opting to handle at least half of the expenses on their own, it is becoming common to have both sets of parents contribute to the wedding costs.

According to the CEO and founder of Rafanelli Events, every day brings new traditions in this regard.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Australia?

The price of weddings in Australia is usually between $40,000 and $54,000. On average the cost associated with a wedding can be quite expensive and vary greatly depending on the location within the country.

How much does a wedding dress cost?

The cost of a wedding dress can vary widely depending on various factors, including designer, material, intricacy of design, location of purchase, customizations, and other factors. Here’s a general breakdown based on my last training data up to 2022:

  1. Budget or Off-the-Rack Wedding Dress can range from $50 to $600. Many major retail chains and online platforms offer stylish and affordable wedding dresses, especially for those looking to keep costs low.

  2. Mid-Range Wedding Dresses: These typically range from $600 to $1,500. They might be from recognizable bridal brands and offer a wider range of styles and details than the budget category.

  3. High-End or Designer Wedding Dresses: These can start at around $1,500 and go up to $5,000 or more. These dresses often come from well-known bridal designers and are characterized by high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and unique designs.

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