Gina’s 60th Birthday Swan Valley Limo Tour

Gina’s 60th Birthday Swan Valley Limo Tour

Daughter Emma organized for us to take her mum Gina to the Swan Valley to celebrate Gina’s 60th birthday. 

It was a busy day for the Allure Limousines crew, but thankfully we had the Chrysler 300C stretch limousine available for the journey with Janine behind the wheel.

As it was a warm day, the bar was well stocked with ice and water, although I had to make room for a few more drinks once I arrived to pick up the birthday girl.

Spring in the Valley Limo Tour  

Once everyone had a refreshing bevvy, we set off for their first stop at the Margaret River Chocolate Company.   The Chrysler 300C is a V8, so perfect to drive on roads like the Tonkin and Roe Highways as we made our way from Armadale to the Swan Valley where you can just cruise along.

We made a quick stop to purchase some delicious locally, handmade chocolates before hitting the road again for Sittella Winery.  I popped the chocolates on ice to ensure they didn’t melt, all the while assuring Gina and the family that I wouldn’t eat the chocolate while they were at lunch.  (I kept my promise although it was very hard as I’m a chocoholic!)

Whilst at the Chocolate Company, Janine found out that both Emma and her dad are bus drivers, so no pressure there!  Thankfully, they both said that Janine had done a great job chauffeuring the family around.  

A couple of hours later, we picked up the birthday girl for the drive home, but not before stopping to sample another of the Swan Valley’s many attractions, Mondo Nougat.  Having sampled their fine fare in the past, all I can say is yum!

Gina, we hope that you had a wonderful 60th birthday cruising around the picturesque Swan Valley in the stretch limousine with your family and friends. 

Allure Limousines, Perth’s premier limousine company were pleased to share the occasion with you all and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you and your family in the coming years.

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