FAQ About Our Limo Services

We get asked this question A LOT!! So, we thought we’d include it in our FAQ

Our advice is, if you have found the car that you like and want to book……. DON’T WAIT!

We are constantly taking bookings, and some couples book their wedding cars up to two years out from their wedding date.

We only ask for a $200 deposit per car to lock them in for your big day so what are you waiting for?

An average wedding booking is four to five hours.

This allows time for the vehicle to collect the groom and groomsmen and take them to the ceremony, before picking up the bride and her bridal party.

The vehicle and driver wait for the ceremony to finish before heading off to your photo locations.

From the photo locations, you will be delivered in style and comfort to your wedding reception, to party the night away.

All our cars have a four-hour minimum booking requirement on Saturday afternoons, apart from our Mercedes Benz SUV.

We know you may not require all this time, but can we suggest some ways that you may be able to utilise the car for four hours?

  1. Have you considered how the Groom/Groomsmen are getting to the ceremony? They have to be there first anyway, so why don’t we pick them up and drop them there first, and then come and collect the Bride/Bridesmaids and get the girls to the ceremony?
  2. We’ll hang around and wait for the ceremony to finish and then we can take you to another location for photos. Have you consulted with your photographer on location photo shoots?

Whilst four hours may seem like a lot, it isn’t really, when you consider the above options. Please let us know if we can help you with your planning.

We have tried to make our booking process as easy as possible.

If you have received a written quote from us, on that quote will be a green button that says BOOK NOW.

If you click on the BOOK NOW button and follow the prompts, your booking will be confirmed instantly.

Alternatively, if you would prefer you can give us a call on 0499 003 001 and we can process your booking over the phone.

All reservations must be confirmed with a booking fee of $200 by Credit Card. This booking fee will come off the total cost of your booking.

The balance owing is required 30 days prior to the event and will automatically be charged to the credit card that was used to book. Payment of the booking fee is acceptance of the terms and conditions of the hiring of the service and an acknowledgement of responsibility and liability for the full balance due. 

This depends what sort of booking you have made – 

School Balls – 

Suited Chauffeur

Soft drinks

Bottled Water

Ice and Esky

Red Carpet 

Weddings – 

Suited Chauffeur

White Wedding Ribbon for Car

Red Carpet 

Bottled Water

Ice and Esky

Glassware (Champagne Flutes and Tumblers)

Special Occasion Bookings – 

Suited Chauffeur

Red Carpet 

Bottled Water

Ice and Esky

Glassware (Champagne Flutes and Tumblers)

The short answer is, yes, but there are conditions to this.

You are welcome to bring food with you; however, it should be placed in the boot for consumption outside of the vehicle (i.e. at a photo stop or something similar). Upon request, we will provide an esky and ice for you to place your food in. 

As per our terms and conditions, damage or soiling of the cars caused by the party (including upholstery damage, spillage and soiling) will be charged to the hiring customer. You, the hirer, agree that all follow-up charges for overtime or excessive soiling/cleaning shall be charged to your credit card. The cleaning and sanitising fee for soiling is $295, damage at cost. Repair costs will be invoiced and deducted from the booking credit card.

The short answer is YES! We can’t supply it for you but you’re more than welcome to bring your own. 

Contrary to recent press that focused on ‘Party Buses’, stretch limousines and wedding cars, with a capacity of less 14 passengers (excluding the driver), have an exemption from street drinking laws under the Liquor Act.

The consumption of BYO liquor in charter vehicles that are licensed by the Department of Transport, are exempt from the Act, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  • the vehicle is licensed as an Omnibus under the Transport Coordination Act 1966; and
  • the vehicle is capable of carrying 14 passengers or less (excluding the driver); and
  • the vehicle is hired in advance of the trip; and
  • the vehicle is hired for at least one continuous hour; and
  • the driver of the vehicle does not allow a drunk person or a juvenile to consume liquor in the vehicle;and•any juvenile in the vehicle is accompanied by a responsible adult; and
  • the purpose of the vehicle hire cannot include transportation of one or more school students to or from a school based function (such as a school ball etc, regardless of whether the function takes place at the school or not).

A responsible adult is defined in section 125(2)(b)of the Act as “an adult who is a parent, step-parent, spouse, de facto partner or legal guardian of the juvenile, or other person in loco parent is to the juvenile.”

Where BYO liquor consumption takes place in a charter vehicle, the vehicle is deemed to be regulated premises under section 122 of the Act. Offence provisions under sections 115 and 122 therefore apply to the supply of liquor to juveniles and drunk persons, the consumption and possession of liquor by juveniles and the consumption of liquor by drunk persons on these premises.

In short, no. We are often asked if we can put more people in the car because there is a mix of adults and children travelling. 

All of our cars and stretch limousines are licensed to carry a certain amount of people, and these are maximums. 

These capacities are dictated by seat belt locations and not the size of the people sitting in the car.

Bus, taxi and small charter vehicle (omnibus) drivers

Yes, kids can travel, but under Road Safety Commission regulations, taxi and omnibus drivers must ensure that children aged between 1 and 7 are restrained in standard seatbelts that are properly adjusted and securely fastened to the best extent possible given the height and weight of the passengers.

The law requires that children:

  • Aged 0 to 6 months are restrained in a rear-facing child restraint (e.g. infant capsule).
  • Aged 6 months to under 4 years are restrained in either a rear or forward-facing child restraint with in-built harness.
  • Aged 4 years to under 7 years seated in either a forward-facing child seat or booster seat restrained by a fastened seat belt or child safety harness.
  • Aged 7 years to 16 years are either in a suitable child seat or a seatbelt.
  • Aged under 7 years must not be in the front row of seats, if the vehicle has two or more rows of seats.
  • Aged between 4 years and 7 years can travel in the front seat if all other rear seats are filled with passengers aged under 7.
  • When riding in a bus or taxi, if there is no suitable approved child seat available, children under the age of seven years must not be in the front row of seats where the bus or taxi has two or more rows of seats. Children seven years and over can be restrained in an adult seat belt or booster seats.
Note: A passenger in a taxi, bus, omnibus or tow truck who is over 16 years of age may hold a child who is under 1 year of age in their lap if there is no suitable child restraint available for the child and the passenger is not in the front row of seats if the vehicle has more than one row of seats.

Unfortunately, the majority of our vehicles don’t have anchor points for car seats so it is not always possible to fit a child’s car seat. However, referring to the point above ‘Can Kids Travel in the Limo?’, a car seat is not always required. 

Yes. We recently purchased a Mercedes Benz GLS350d to allow us to pick the happy couple up at the end of the night in absolute luxury and whisk them away to their accommodation.

Please note however, that we reserve our vehicles, for this service, for our couples that had a booking with us in the afternoon.

We do not take bookings for a Midnight Transfer only.

Yes, all of our cars are fitted with Bluetooth capable stereo head units, so anyone in the car can connect and impress everyone with their ’80’s playlist!!