Ella Otranto Photography

Bringing you 12 years of experience in the wedding photography industry, Ella Otranto, owner of Ella Otranto Photography, is your go-to for a personalized and creative approach to capturing your big day.

Working out of Samson, WA, Ella Otranto specializes in weddings with a unique and intimate feel. She believes that no two weddings should look the same—so she creates photo experiences that reflect each couple’s personal style and make them feel like their best selves.

Because she aims to create photos as one-of-a-kind for her clients, she strives to get to know them on a personal level before any shoots take place.

This allows her to capture each couple’s natural beauty and personalities, making for truly memorable moments—and gorgeous photos—that will last forever.

So, if you are looking for a professional photographer who can help you capture some truly magical moments on your big day, then get in touch with Ella Otranto Photography today!


Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the owner, and Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) of Allure Limousines and Belle Classic Limousines, and also a part-time amateur writer. Whilst he loves his stretch limos, he is more passionate about vintage style wedding cars, in his fleet, and building both companies to their full potential in the next few years.

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