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How Much Is It To Hire a Limo?

When you’re looking for cheap limo hire Perth there are a few things that you need to consider before going for the cheapest price. There are a lot of late-model stretch limousines in Perth, but there are also quite a few old ones.

It is important that you ensure that you are ‘comparing apples with apples’ right from the start. Limo hire prices can vary widely, so as an example of pricing –

An 8 – 10 seat Holden Statesman or Ford Fairmont stretch limo can hire for approximately $150 to $190 per hour. These are typically older limos with well-worn upholstery and very few features, but they are cheap to hire. Often these cars are run by, what we like to call “Weekend Warriors”. these guys are often retired, or have a full-time job and only run their limo on the weekend for a bit of extra cash. For most of these guys, it really doesn’t matter to them whether you like the service or not.

A 10 seat Chrysler 300C Stretch Limo typically hires for $300 per hour. However, this hourly rate can decrease depending on the number of hours you book, and the time that you book. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are considered peak times to hire a limo, so you can expect to pay more.

A 12 – 14 seat Jeep Grand Cherokee Limo, or similar, hires out typically for $350 per hour. However, again, this can vary depending on the number of hours booked. As mentioned above, there are peak and off-peak times, and you can expect to save a little bit of money if you hire a limousine mid-week as opposed to on the weekend.

The prices to hire stretch limos vary widely and it’s often dictated by their capacity. Our new 24-seater H4 Mega Limo, for example, is $750/hour for hiring on a casual basis. But we do offer multi-hour discounts. 

When planning a night out or a special event, often the first thought people have is “let’s book a limo”. They make some calls and then baulk at the cost with little thought into what goes into setting up and running a limo business. 

Whatever you do, make sure you talk your preferred limousine provider and let them know exactly what you are thinking – often, when cars are already out on the road, or you’re planning on booking for multiple hours, you can negotiate a discount. 

This blog is to provide a little bit of insight into why hiring a modern stretch limousine costs what it does.

Why does hiring a limousine cost so much?

The limo to purchase is very expensive…

Many of the modern stretch limousines you find for hire in Perth are built in America, yes you read that correctly, the US! Take our 12 seat Jeep Grand Cherokee for example. We purchased the Jeep through an agent in Melbourne, who then shipped it across to LA. It then takes three to four months to stretch, before it is shipped back to Melbourne. Now, as we know, labour is cheap in America, but not when you are converting Australian dollars to US dollars. A brand-new limo can set you back as much as $250,000! And then you have to get it back to Perth.

Storage costs

A modern stretch limo is approximately 4-4.5 tonnes in weight and is 9 metres long and as a result, won’t fit in the average garage at home. This means that you will need to rent a warehouse if you don’t already have one, and the average person doesn’t own their own warehouse. Because the limos are in and out so many times a day, you also want a warehouse with an automatic door, not a manual one. This can cost more money too.

Insurance and licencing

Another big cost for a limousine company is the cost of insuring and licencing the vehicle. Limousines under the regulations must have an annual safety inspection prior to having the licence renewed. Whilst the inspection isn’t that costly, the licencing runs to several thousand dollars per vehicle. The cost to insure vehicles that are out on the road as much as limos are is enormous.


Driving a stretch limousine is enormous fun as generally, you are providing the limo for a happy event such as weddings, anniversaries or school balls. Being so long though, not just anyone can drive a limo. You must have an “F” extension to your licence which requires a national police clearance and as a minimum a light rigid truck licence. Yes, technically, I’m allowed to drive a truck! To get reliable, well presented, knowledgeable, customer-focused staff is no easy task, as the hours aren’t that great. You’re working when everyone else is having fun, so you must look after your staff and pay them well.

These are a few of the factors that determine the cost of cheap limo hire Perth and hiring a limo for your next special event.

Taking all of the above into consideration, Allure Limousines always tries to suit every budget. And we try to make it easy to do business with us, hence we offer you the chance to book online at any time of the night or day. 

We don’t want you to miss out on arriving at your wedding in unsurpassed style.