Can a Friend Marry Us in Australia

Dreaming of having your best buddy by your side, legally joining you and the love of your life together? Let’s take a closer look at Australia’s marriage laws – from becoming an authorised celebrant to choosing the perfect one for that special day.

In this blog post, we will provide all the details needed on how it can be done!

Key Takeaways

  • Australian marriage laws outline the requirements for a legally recognized wedding, including authorized celebrants and legal stipulations.

  • A friend can become an authorised celebrant in Australia to officiate your wedding, provided they meet certain criteria.

  • It is important to consider fees, availability and lodging of the Notice of Intended Marriage when selecting a suitable celebrant for your ceremony.

Understanding Australian Marriage Laws

When getting married in Australia, couples must abide by the Marriage Act 1961 and the Marriage Regulations. Consequently, anyone wishing to marry in this nation is required to be clear when communicating with an authorised celebrant, an individual who has permission from government authority to officiate wedding ceremonies.

They are obligated to provide marriage certificates as per local laws concerning valid matrimony on Australian soil.

Authorized Celebrants

For those seeking to get married in Australia, there are four types of authorized marriage celebrants: Commonwealth-registered, State-regulated religious and other celebrants.

The application for a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant requires obtaining a Certificate IV in Celebrancy prior to submitting the online form.

With over 9000 Commonwealth registered professionals available across Australia, couples have an ample range of options from which they can choose their preferred service provider or ceremony type.

In NSW Registry ceremonies such as registry weddings or micro wedding packages, hiring your own celebrant is not required since one will be assigned on that day who has the authority to legally marry people.

Alternatively, state-regulated parties employed by birth, deaths & marriages registries at local levels, along with religiously ordained individuals authorised by denominations offer Option when deciding upon a suitable person to officiate ones’ union.

Legal Requirements

Marriage in Australia is a legally binding union between two people, designed to last for life and entered into willingly. In order to meet the legal requirements of marriages there must be consent from both parties as well as an age requirement. At least one month before the wedding date a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) has to be submitted with registered civil marriage celebrant or ceremony officiant.

Evidence also needs to accompany this document such proofs of divorce decree or death certificate if relevant previously existent partners were involved.

Labelling themselves ‘Bride’/Groom’, ‘Partner’ can occur on notice but gender proof remains optional information anyway besides Declaration No Legal Impediment To Marriage (DONLIM) being mandatory signed by each partner prior any wedding happening under no circumstances would DONLIM happen

Which quite impossible task carried out digitally using Video-Conferencing Tools like Zoom, WhatsApp etc ..

Can a Friend Officiate Your Wedding?

In Australia, it is possible for your close friends or relatives to officiate at your wedding provided they adhere to the legal specifications and fulfill all requirements.

Thus, if you desire a loved one to be central in making your special day perfect then becoming an officially registered celebrant would be ideal.

Becoming a Registered Celebrant

In order to become a registered marriage celebrant in Australia, one must obtain Certificate IV in Celebrancy from an accredited training organisation or possess a particular degree offered by certain universities.

Plus, it is required that the applicant carry out annual professional development (OPD) online. Until this process has been completed and permission granted as Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrants, they may not accept notice of intended marriages, perform any solemnization ceremonies for unions or advertise their services.

The application procedure necessary to get recognised as such entails submitting the relevant form found on the Attorney General’s Department website plus paying an applicable fee, which currently amounts to $600 per individual, though there are exemptions available through the said portal itself where payment can be omitted under specific conditions.

Commitment Ceremonies

In Australia, couples can opt for a commitment ceremony instead of the legally binding marriage ceremonies.

A commitment ceremony is essentially an expression of their love and loyalty to one another in front of family and friends without having all the legal implications associated with marriage.

It consists typically exchanging vows as well rings between both partners. This event could be either formal or informal depending on what they prefer.

The Role of a Marriage Celebrant

A wedding celebrant, such as a religious marriage celebrant, plays an integral role in the nuptial ceremony and is tasked with lawfully uniting the couple through matrimony.

This necessitates following all laws prescribed by both the Marriage Act 1961 and its associated regulations while still personalizing proceedings to make sure that it’s an unforgettable occasion for those getting hitched.

Their expertise in hosting a marriage ceremony must be of highest caliber due to their obligations when solemnizing unions according to legal requirements.

Legal Obligations

Marriage celebrants in Australia are expected to abide by the Marriage Act 1961 and its associated regulations, particularly related to communication.

They must complete a minimum of two hours of professional development (OPD) every year online, unless it has been within twelve months since receiving a Certificate IV in Celebrancy from registration date.

Not complying with these laws can lead to disciplinary action being taken against them.

Newly appointed Commonwealth officials have no choice butto conduct all types ceremonies regardless of their personal faith.

This offers same-sex couples as well as those that belong different race/religion/gender equal access to marriage services not available for religious marriage celebrants due or restricted according to religion beliefs and customs..

Personalizing the Ceremony

A marriage celebrant not only fulfills their legal obligation for the ceremony but can also help couples customize and make it a one-of-a kind affair.

They provide suggestions to personalize vows, incorporate important rituals or traditions according to couple’s choice, as well as suggest unique readings like ‘The Art of Marriage’ by Wilferd A. Peterson and ‘Wild Awake’ by Hilary T. Smith which add Sentimental value on this special day, making the wedding event both unforgettable and personalized!

Finding the Right Celebrant for Your Wedding

Finding the right marriage celebrant for your wedding is essential to guarantee a smooth and remarkable ceremony. A few elements should be taken into account such as:

  • years of experience

  • style preferences

  • price range, and

  • availability times.

Establishing good communication is integral in acquiring an officiant who can grasp your vision and customize the service so it displays your unique love story perfectly.

When deciding on which wedding celebrant will handle proceedings, make sure you take into consideration their aptitude when it comes to things like duration, personality type along with fees charged among other important factors related to any union between two partners.

Experience and Style

The way in which the celebrant carries out your wedding ceremony can make a big difference to how it flows.

An experienced officiant ensures a smooth-running service with its different components organised correctly and offers guidance on creating an individualized, unique occasion that captures both yours and your partner’s character as well as values.

It is essential to choose someone who has the appropriate style for you – whether traditional yet formal or more casual modern look – when choosing the right person for such an important event like marriage.

Fees and Availability

When choosing a marriage celebrant, budgeting and timetabling must be taken into consideration.

The cost of hiring an Australian marriage celebrant varies from $400-$1500 based on various conditions such as their location or type of services provided.

It is vital to make your financial capacity clear to the chosen officiant in order for them to work within those bounds if needed.

Most local Australian wedding vendors have at least one-month notice minimum before securing booking yet no longer than eighteen months prior (for scheduling purposes).

This allows you ample time without potential hiccups while avoiding last-minute changes regarding availability with said celebration vendor(s).

Preparing for Your Wedding Day

As your nuptials come close, it is important to ensure a successful and noteworthy event by submitting the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and practising the wedding ceremony with an appointed celebrant. Doing these essential steps will help you get ready for that special day!

Lodging the Notice

At least 1 month before the wedding ceremony, couples must provide notice to an authorised marriage celebrant by submitting a NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage).

This form can be filled out online and then printed for signing from both parties prior to submission. Without lodging this document in time, it may prevent the celebration of matrimony altogether.

Rehearsing the Ceremony

Prior to the wedding, rehearsing with your officiant and bridal party is highly important as it ensures everyone involved in the ceremony knows their role.

This will make things go smoother on the big day by increasing confidence, preventing any mishaps, and making for a more seamless transition from one part of the event to another.

Speaking, this practice happens at either morning or evening time – usually right before I do –at each venue which takes around an hour of preparation overall.


Having knowledge about Australian marriage laws and finding the right celebrant to carry out your wedding ceremony can seem daunting.

But if you are adequately prepared, your special day will be an unforgettable experience.

Whether it’s a friend who officiates or opting for someone professional, what matters is that the ceremony accurately reflects both of your unique love stories and commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a friend officiate a wedding Australia?

Yes, your friend can definitely officiate your wedding in Australia.

The celebrant must complete the legal paperwork and say the legal wording, however your friend can also be involved and conduct the rest of the ceremony.

Can my friend be the celebrant in my wedding?

Your friend can take on the role of celebrant in your wedding, which includes signing off all necessary legal documents and uttering the required expressions.

This will make them a perfect addition to your ceremony. They’ll have full control over conducting it while you exchange vows!

Who can you legally marry in Australia?

In Australia, it is possible for two individuals to get married provided neither of them are related by blood or adoption and both consent willingly.

The minimum age requirement stands at 18 years old unless a court has given approval for someone aged between 16-18 to marry.

Can I marry on a tourist visa in Australia?

It is possible to get married in Australia while on a tourist visa and the terms of this type of visa remain valid after matrimony has taken place.

What are the legal requirements for a valid marriage in Australia?

To be lawfully wed in Australia, a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) must firstly be submitted by both parties at least one month prior to the marriage ceremony.

The couple must also provide consent and should each meet the legal age requirement for getting married.

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