Top 11 Wedding Planners in Perth

The sun was shining, and the birds were singing as Simone and her team of wedding planners set up for another beautiful Perth wedding. They had been planning weddings for years and had seen it all – from the over-the-top, extravagant affairs to the brief, intimate ceremonies. 

But no matter what the style of the wedding, they always put their all into ensuring that it was perfect for the couple on the day.

Perth, WA is a beautiful city with plenty of stunning locations for weddings. With its stunning beaches and lush gardens, there are endless possibilities for the perfect wedding location.

Weddings are a considerable investment and can be incredibly stressful to plan. Many activities are required in wedding planning, like picking the right wedding planner, booking vendors, coordinating the ceremony and reception, etc. Finding the right venue, caterer, photographer, and DJ makes it easy to feel stressed out and lost.

Hiring a wedding planner in Perth will take all the stress of planning your big day. They can help you find the perfect venue and vendors, coordinate the day-of timeline, and handle any emergencies that may come up. Plus, they all have years of experience planning weddings so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

But how do you know who to choose on my wedding planning journey? 

What if something goes wrong?

Rest assured! We have created a list of Perth’s Top 11 Wedding Planners for hassle-free wedding planning and management.

Imagine walking down the aisle and knowing everything has been taken care of – from the music to the seating chart. Professional wedding day coordination will make your wedding stress-free and absolutely perfect.

Perth’s Top 11 experienced wedding planners are creating unique and unforgettable events that reflect your personality and style for ages. They’ll take care of everything from the planning to the big day event so the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their special day wholeheartedly.

Let’s check out the Top 11 wedding planners in Perth, WA, in no particular order.

The Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner in Perth

Many couples choose to hire a luxury wedding planner to help them with the fantastic, fun and often overwhelming task of planning their big day. 

Wedding planners are trained professionals with experience coordinating all aspects of weddings, from the engagement party to the reception.

They can also be a great asset to corporate events or co-events like bridal showers and bachelor parties. In addition, many wedding planners have experience in floral design. They can help you choose the perfect bouquet and centerpieces for your big day.

Best of all, hiring a wedding planner can help reduce the stress of planning your wedding so that you can focus on enjoying your special day. 

Here are some of the benefits of having wedding planners near me in Perth –

  • First, a planner can help to take the stress out of wedding planning by handling important details like reception styling and wedding design. Also, they can help keep you organized and on track. Wedding planners have a lot of experience planning weddings, so they know what and when it needs to be done.
  • Second, a planner can provide an initial consultation to help the couple identify their dreams and vision for the big day. Wedding Planners know where to find affordable vendors and can often get their clients’ discounts. They can also help you stay within your budget by suggesting less expensive alternatives to popular items.
  • Third, a planner is familiar with various vendors in the area and can help to secure discounts on services. They will handle all of the details so that you don’t have to, and they will be there to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
  • Fourth, a planner can be a valuable resource on the wedding day, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that guests are taken care of. Stressful weeks lead to stress on the wedding day. A wedding planner will handle all the last-minute details so that you don’t have to worry about them and can relax and enjoy your special day.
  • Finally, a planner can help make a couple’s wedding day unique and memorable – a day that reflects their taste, style, and personality.

In short, hiring a wedding planner is an investment that can pay off in countless ways. It’s a great way to ensure your wedding is everything you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Top 11 Wedding and Event Planning Companies In Perth

Check out the next section if you’re looking for a wedding planning service in Perth, Western Australia to help plan your dream wedding.

Confetti + Co Events

Confetti and Co Events

Confetti and Co Events are a perfect wedding planner service in Perth, Western Australia. Since 2009, they have been creating beautiful wedding events for their clients. Their team consists of planners, designers, coordinators, and everything you can ask for a stress-free wedding.

From affordable to big budget, Confetti is ready to offer a unique, stylish, coordinated big day event at different locations, including Perth, Broome, the South West, Avon Valley, and even Santorini. Each of their wedding plans allows clients every detail of their wedding, from the venue to the catering to the decorations, ensuring that their big day goes off without a hitch.

Confetti + Co Events wedding services are divided into three sections –

Wedding Planning + Management

One of the most premium services of Confetti and Co Events. This package includes a beautiful and elegant wedding planning process for a family. From décor and style consultations to floor plans and unique concepts, they will offer complete solutions for you.

Wedding Styling + Design

This Confetti Co Events package comprises all aspects of the wedding design and styling. Clients can access their exclusive online design studio portal to select the design they want for their big day. With the support of two wedding coordinators for your event, everything will go smoothly.

Wedding Day Coordination

Another perfect package for Perth clients focusing day of coordination before the big day. As personal wedding assistants, they will help with face-to-face preparation before the wedding, a complete audit, and a detailed timeline. As a result, you will find stress-free planning for your special day.

Contact Details:

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: Holly – 0412 210 665, Sarah – 0418 164 227

JEM Wedding Planners

JEM Wedding Planners 1

Award-winning duo Lisa & Jess are the entrepreneurs behind JEM Wedding Planners. This duo works closely with Perth couples to turn their wedding dreams into reality. To make the wedding journey from overwhelming to stress-free, their hard-working team takes care of everything, including finding the vendors, setting up decorations, coordinating, time-consuming work, etc.

With more than 10 years of experience, they can ensure Perth clients fantastic wedding plans and must-have activities lists. Also, creative and out of box thinking is their forte in this field. Not only do they offer transparency in budget, but they also got a good reputation and reviews from their clients as successful wedding event hosts.

JEM Wedding services are divided into three sections

Virtual Coordination

­It’s an affordable yet effective package that started in Covid19. JEM Wedding Planners assist you with wedding day coordination, vendor contact sheets, advice, cost-saving techniques, and solutions to almost every problem you might face on your big day. This package applies to overseas clients too.

Wedding Styling + Design

Wedding planning is a premium package from JEM Wedding planners. This package includes everything you need to make your wedding day a blast. From best vendors, vision to budget, style, everything you can ask for a relaxed and stress-free wedding journey.

Wedding Coordination

JEM’s wedding coordination is divided into five packages. For clients, who have already planned how their big day will be, JEM can assist you with coordination. They will start their work before weeks of the client’s wedding day and ensure everything goes smoothly as the client planned.

Contact Details:

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: +61 467 600 484

Amy Molloy Wedding Planners

Amy Molloy Wedding Planner

AMWP is a solo organizer that has been doing wedding management in Perth since 2013. The advantage of hiring Amy Molloy is she has experience with hundreds of successful wedding events and knows how to bring any bride’s vision to life. From finding the perfect venue to selecting the perfect flowers, AMWP will work tirelessly with clients to ensure a flawless wedding day.

Amy has also worked with countless suppliers and knows how to get the best deals. She is also great at staying organized and ensuring everything runs smoothly during the client’s wedding day.

Amy Molloy Wedding Planner services are divided into three sections –

The Wedding Day

Amy is a whiz with timelines and logistics. She will create a detailed schedule for the planning process. For the wedding day, AWP will discuss layout and logistics and attend the ceremony rehearsal. For every plan and decision, clients make for their big day, Amy will learn and make it happen in the wedding day package.

Meet Me Half Way

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of planning your wedding, meet Amy halfway. She offers meet-me halfway services, which include taking care of the big stuff while you take care of the little things. This package contains a style brief, ceremony rehearsal, floor plans, and a detailed timeline. Plus, Amy will manage the day of so you can relax and enjoy your big day.

Make It All Happen

AMWP takes all the responsibilities for a wedding day blast from start to finish. They are professionals at gathering all the puzzle pieces of a wedding into one cube. With experience and on-time supplies, not a single idea will be left out on your wedding day. Amy and her team will take care of all the stress so you can simply kick back and celebrate.

Contact Details:

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0409 544 591

Robert Alexander

robert alexander wedding planner

Robert Alexander is a Perth-based wedding planner who has been in the business for over 10 years. He has planned and coordinated over 500 weddings and is one of the most sought-after planners in Western Australia.

Robert’s attention to detail and his ability to think outside the box has led to him being nicknamed ‘The Wedding Wizard’ by his clients. He has a reputation for being able to make even the most complex weddings run smoothly, and his calm and professional demeanour is a reassuring presence on the big day itself.

If you are looking for a wedding planner who can take care of every last detail, then Robert Alexander is the man for you. Contact him today to discuss your requirements and start planning your dream wedding.

Robert’s attention to detail and his ability to make each wedding unique has made him one of the most popular planners in Perth. He always goes above and beyond to make sure that his clients have the wedding of their dreams, and his passion for the industry shines through in everything he does.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner who will go above and beyond to make your big day perfect, then Robert Alexander is the man for you.

Contact Details:

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0408 366 255

Vicky Rahmic Weddings & Events

Vicky Rahmic 4

Vicky Rahmic Weddings is a top 10 finalist and one of Perth’s most popular wedding planners. The creative director of this event management, Vicky, is an experienced and versatile team leader with various skills. From a management education background to a trained DJ, travel agent, and self-taught florist, she got all the skills to make Perth wedding events most extraordinary and unforgettable.

In Perth, they are the first to develop a 3d event styling service for clients. As a result, the bride and groom can get a glimsp of their wedding day room walkthrough before it happens. For those who want amazing, stylish, creative, and perfection in every aspect of their wedding day event, Vicky Rahmic will absolutely make it happen with her creative and modern ideas.

Vicky Rahmic Weddings & Events services are divided into three sections –

Wedding Services

Wedding services consist of three different packages of this award-winning event management business. The all-in-one “The Full Production Planning” package includes everything from the very beginning to the end of the wedding ceremony. The next one is “Design + Styling,” consisting of design needs, styling variations of the venue, and all the necessary steps for a perfectly magical wedding experience. The last one is “Wedding Coordination”. They are a team you can rely on; they will ensure your planning, styling, designs, and all aspects will come together passionately on the big day.

Proposals + Events + Corporate

For any kind of corporate event like product launches, dinners, and EOFY balls, Vicky will present you with a joyous occasion of the modern era. Also, unique proposal concepts, selecting the perfect place to propose, bridal showers, baby showers, they can cover all kinds of events for you.

Contact Details:

Address: Leederville, WA

Phone: 0402727168


Wedstyle Wedding Planners Perth

For luxurious, modern, and sophisticated wedding events, your one-stopper should be Wedstyle.

Since 2008, Glen & Craig has been hosting numerous wedding events all around Perth. Also, they assist brides and grooms in every possible way to make their big day a wow factor to everyone.

Their in-house event designer team leaves no space to complain to guests and clients. For a stress-free wedding day in Perth, Wedstyle is ready to arrange a unique event that will impress everyone, including themselves.

Their services are not just restricted to wedding events. If you have an engagement party, baby shower, or even a corporate event coming up, they can help with that too! They will work with you to ensure that your event is personalized and tailor-made to your specific needs and wants. Contact them today to get started on planning your dream event!

As one of the leading wedding planners in Perth, Wedstyle has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to weddings. They understand that every couple is different and has their own unique vision for their big day. That’s why they offer a range of services that can be customized to suit each couple’s individual needs and budget.

From full-service wedding planning to on-the-day coordination, they have a package that will suit your needs. They also offer a range of add-ons, such as rehearsal dinner coordination, venue sourcing, and wedding day management, so you can be sure that your big day is in safe hands.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner in Perth that can help you create your dream event, then look no further than Wedstyle. With their wealth of experience and knowledge, they will work closely with you to ensure that your big day is everything you’ve ever wanted. Contact them today to get started on planning your perfect day!

Contact Details:

Address:  Guildford Road, Bayswater, 6053 Western Australia

Phone: 08 9228 4352

Blonde & Blue

Blonde and Blue Weddings Perth 1

Branka Panici offers individually tailored wedding services to Perth clients.

They are based in Perth, WA, and have been offering all kinds of wedding solutions since 2015.

What makes them unique from the crowd is professional yet friendly service, the experience of countless wedding events completed, working closely with clients, and presenting them with a fantastic wedding experience.

Their services entirely emphasize on client’s needs and wishes.

They want to bring a new vision to every wedding event and execute every detail perfect for a luxurious and modern wedding event.

From planning to styling and coordination, Blonde & Blue are ready to provide maximum attention to clients and present them with an unforgettable big day.

Contact Details:

Address: Perth, Western Australia, 6000

Phone: 0402 731 569

Little Things Events

Little Things Events Perth

Kiera Treloar and her team at Little Things Events are ready to create a magical experience for every client they service in Perth.

They have been running their event management solutions for more than decades, so got all the expertise to make a joyful wedding day. They will make your life’s most significant milestones into a spectacular event that you and your guests will surely love and remember.

Their wedding packages cover everything so you can take a load off and relax while they get it done precisely. Full-service planning & styling, styling + coordination, on the coordination, DIY set up package, you can choose any package from them and let them make your wedding dreams a reality.

Contact Details:

Address: Perth, Western Australia, 6000

Phone: 0414 265 936

Heart & Soul Events Co.

Diana Bridger

In Perth, a few wedding planners provide affordable yet reliable wedding event solutions.

Heart & Souls Events Co. is a complete wedding and event management team offering handmade hire items and bespoke to clients.

Diana Bridger, the owner of this event management solution, is an industry-leading expert for creating special moments, nothing but perfection for Perth grooms and brides.

From hidden bridesmaid packages to wedding planning coaching, coordination, and platinum wedding planning packages, Diana covers every requirement of her clients.

With a team of humble and expert members, she offers nothing but perfection for wedding day events. Heart and Soul cover corporate events, engagement parties, and birthday parties with a unique theme and style.

Contact Details:

Address: 2 Glenfinnan Ct, Hamersley WA 6022

Phone: 0435456741

White Events

Lara White Events Perth

White Events are a highly experienced and versatile wedding planning service in Perth and all over Australia.

They started their journey in 2005, and till now providing the best in class bespoke wedding services for clients.

Event specialist and wedding industry expert Lara White is the event and management studio’s entrepreneur, delivering flawless, stress-free wedding planning experience for Perth clients.

White event’s core services are destination management, planning, and styling.

Lara and her team work closely with clients to create a unique, quality, and flawless wedding experience based on clients’ expectations and requirements.

They are perfectionists who love checklists and every detail of a client’s wedding event, so they can get fresh service delivered and have a lot of fun.

Contact Details:

Address: 256C Oxford St, Leederville, WA 6915

Phone: 0414 184 341

Bertie Does

Wedding planner Jessica Hawkins

Bertie Does is a Perth-based boutique event planning studio that delivers beautifully curated weddings and events.

They have a wealth of experience creating beautiful, unique weddings that reflect the bride and groom’s personalities.

From big, lavish weddings to more intimate affairs, Jess Hawkins at Bertie Does can accommodate any type of celebration.

Jess will work with you to create a customized wedding plan that meets your specific needs and budget. She takes care of all the details, from sourcing the perfect location to arranging catering and entertainment.

She will also style the event space to perfection using lighting, florals, and furniture, ensuring that every aspect is coordinated and cohesive.

Bertie Does services are divided into four sections –

Wedding Styling and Planning

Bertie’s wedding service includes all kinds of stressful planning processes and styling guides. From selecting furniture and lighting to colour palettes, and stationary, Bertie will take care of everything. With their four volumes of design and variety levels of assistance, they will present you with an unforgettable wedding day journey.

Event Styling and Planning

Berties also offer vast styling and planning services for corporate functions, engagement parties, birthdays, and other precious moments. Their planning and styling package includes all kinds of production, graphics, lighting, catering, and other required stuff to make the event 100% successful.

Event Consultants

Bertie Does event consulting too. They work as consultants in Perth to fit everything perfectly and make the event unique and creative. Contacting the various vendors, hiring and styling, floor plan, furniture placement, almost everything is included in this package.

Creative Hire

This is not exactly a direct service, instead borrowing wedding items from Berties Does event management. They offer quality and unique things like vases, candle holders, table numbers, stands+plinths, and wishing wells, to take your event to the next level of enjoyment.

Contact Details:

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0417 479 868

The Wrap Up

With so many excellent event management companies in Perth, it can be tough to decide which one to choose for your big day.

Suppose you are getting married in Perth and looking for an event management company to make your big day special.

In that case, we hope our list of top 10 wedding planners will help you to select. They all are well-known for their professional services and expertise in the industry. Also, they offer different wedding packages to choose from, so you can pick one that fits your budget and preferences.

Contact any of these event managers and get a free quote today.

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