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Dreaming of zooming down the highway with the wind in your hair and a Ford Mustang to drive? Stop dreaming and get ready for an incredible car rental experience! This guide will take you through hiring a Mustang GT Fastback, from Gold Coast drives to Brisbane adventures, giving you all the tips on customizing your journey. Get set – it’s time to grab hold of that steering wheel tight – let’s hit those roads!

Short Summary

  • Rent a Mustang and feel like the wildest horse in town!

  • Experience an unforgettable ride with our premier fleet of classic & modern Mustangs.

  • Safety first, we prioritize customer satisfaction for a safe adventure every time!

Experience the Ford Mustang GT Fastback

A Ford Mustang GT Fastback parked in front of a building

If you want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that will draw admiring glances and leave an unforgettable mark, look no further than our Ford Mustang GT Fastback rental service in Australia. We offer all sorts of Mustangs for hire – from timeless classic models such as the iconic fastback to more modern varieties – so there’s bound to be something just right for your journey along either coast. Gold Coast or Brisbane city streets. With cars available at great rates, why not book one today and start making memories on these legendary roads?

Gold Coast Mustang Adventures

For an unbeatable experience cruising the Gold Coast in a timeless Mustang, there’s no better option than Gold Coast Mustang Adventures. Andy’s Auto Rentals and East Coast Muscle Cars. Hire provides hire cars with additional amenities like pick-up/delivery service, insurance coverage and emergency assistance, so you can sit back and enjoy your ride while they handle the details for you!

Brisbane Mustang Escapades

Hiring a Mustang for your driving experience is easy and convenient in Brisbane. Queensland Luxury Car Rentals, Hertz, Andy’s Auto Rentals and Prestige Rentals all have great rental options available to those wishing to drive around in style while making heads turn.

For more classic Mustang fans out there, Vintage & Classic Car Hire has the perfect ride waiting for you, whether it be an event or simply cruising on the weekend! Brisbane Mustang Escapades are sure to provide every customer with their ideal Mustang hire suited perfectly for them.

Mustang Hire for Special Events

A Ford Mustang parked in front of a wedding venue

Mustang hire is ideal for the perfect addition to any special event, from weddings and school balls to corporate events and photoshoots. Our vehicles are kept in impeccable shape – all our Mustangs for rent ensure you make a fantastic entrance!

Choose an iconic Ford Mustang for your wedding or school ball. What better way of making it truly memorable? Why not impress colleagues at company gatherings by hiring one too?

Our selection consists of only top-quality Mustangs available, so whatever your occasion may be, make sure you have added that extra touch with these fine motorcars.

Weddings and School Balls

Whether you are planning a wedding or school ball, there is no better way to make it memorable than by renting out classic Ford Mustangs. Companies like Mustang Wedding Hire and Michael’s Motor Cars provide the perfect car rentals for special occasions all across North West England – making your grand entrance even grander! With such an extensive range of colours and styles available at both these companies, choosing that ‘perfect Mustang’ to match up with your event’s theme won’t be hard. Plus, you’ll leave behind unforgettable memories in the hearts of everyone present on this important day!

Corporate Events and Photoshoots

Mustang hire can be a great solution for an added touch of luxury and class to any corporate gathering. Mustangs in Black or Mr Mustangs in Black. Hire provides specialized rental services for this exact purpose, making it perfect for everything from product launches to anniversary celebrations and photoshoots.

No matter the event you’re hosting, adding one (or more) sleek Mustang vehicles will make quite an impression on your clients or colleagues alike, especially when using their chauffeured service! Make sure that your special occasion runs smoothly with luxurious pony cars provided by these experts in Mustang hire.

Australia’s Premier Mustang Fleet

A fleet of Ford Mustangs parked in front of a building

Our top-of-the-line fleet has you covered for the ultimate Mustang experience in Australia. Our selections from Perth and Hertz offer something special for everyone – whether it’s a Ford Mustang GT Fastback brand new or an old classic. And with only limited numbers of these slick cars available at Hertz, that feeling is extra exclusive!

Whatever your budget may be, there will always be the perfect car waiting to take off on whatever journey awaits.

Perth’s Mustang Selection

When you are in Perth, we have the perfect selection of Mustangs to choose from. Our range includes such models as the Ford Mustang GT Fastback, EcoBoost and Shelby GT500, all great options for finding a car suited exactly to your needs.

If you’re looking for new or used Mustang cars, then Midway Ford, John Hughes Ford & Autotrader should be on top of your list when it comes time to purchase one! Get ready to hit that open road with flair after buying yours today!

Hertz’s Mustang Offerings

Hertz has an exclusive selection for those wanting to take a spin in a Ford Mustang GT Fastback that can help make the journey even more thrilling. With their Make and Model Guarantee, they guarantee you’ll get your pre-booked car or receive full compensation, no hassle involved!

So why not drive away with adventure at hand thanks to this exact same model of Ford Mustangs from the fleet? Unlock all sorts of excitement when renting out one today!

Customizing Your Mustang Hire Experience

A Ford Mustang GT Fastback with a variety of seating options

When it comes to renting a Mustang, you have the opportunity to make your experience as individualized and suited to your needs as possible. With plenty of customizing options available – from car colour choices to seating arrangements – you can ensure that hiring one is nothing less than perfect for whatever situation requires.

Whether you want something impressive at an event or just some added luxury on a road trip, personalization gives life-long memories in the form of this iconic vehicle hire option. So let’s take a look at how we can tailor the perfect Mustang rental for yourself!

Choose Your Vehicle Color

A vibrant red Mustang hire car parked on the street

No matter which style you’re looking for, our rental Mustangs come in a wide variety of colours. From the traditional red vintage shade to something much more unique, all available Mustang options offer an array of hues that are sure to make your experience truly memorable and personalized.

So don’t hesitate. Pick out one that suits your preferences or the event’s vibe best, and allow yourself to shine through!

Seating Options

The Mustang provides two options when it comes to seating: a hardtop or a convertible. Both choices can seat up to four people comfortably, so everyone gets the chance for an enjoyable experience no matter the chosen option.

If you like feeling the wind in your hair as you drive on sunny days, then opt for the convertibles. If more coverage from uncertain weather conditions is desired, get yourself one of those sophisticated hardtops.

Safety and Customer Satisfaction

A Ford Mustang GT Fastback parked in front of a building with a customer service representative

At Mustang Hire, our number one priority is the safety of passengers and drivers and customer satisfaction. We take every precaution to avoid coronavirus transmission while also making sure that all Mustangs we offer are in optimal condition, with top-notch chauffeurs providing an unforgettable experience for all customers.

We value input from past clients, which is why we showcase reviews and testimonials about their time with us; this way, potential renters can make a better decision when selecting a rental car service such as ours.

COVID-19 Precautions

We understand the significance of adopting preventive measures to secure our passengers and drivers amidst this extraordinary period. Thus, we have enforced a meticulous cleaning and sanitization protocol for every rented car, including disinfecting all parts, vacuuming the interiors, and steaming it.

We urge renters to stick to safety standards while using their vehicles with utmost care to benefit from their ride.

Testimonials and Reviews

At Mustang Hire, we know our customers are always satisfied and willing to let you know about it! We boast 160+ five-star reviews from those who have experienced the thrill of renting a Mustang with us. These glowing testimonials demonstrate our dedication to providing outstanding service and amazing experiences for each customer that comes through our doors.

Don’t just take it from us. Read what people are saying themselves! Our positive reviews help build trust between potential clients and show how seriously we consider their satisfaction when organizing rental services.


Renting a Ford Mustang is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the open road’s elegance, power and pleasure. From Gold Coast adventures to Brisbane events, you can find yourself in Australia’s largest fleet of Mustangs! So why wait? Go ahead and book your dream ride today. Life’s too short not to miss out on driving this beautiful car – after all, it is only a once-in-a-lifetime experience! A luxurious trip with a GT Fastback awaits you, so don’t delay any. Get behind the wheel now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for a new Mustang?

Ready to experience an awesome time and pony up? Look no further than the Ford Mustang range, starting at just $52,590 plus road charges, jump in for a luxurious ride on the roads!

What types of Mustangs are available for rent in Australia?

Are you in the market for a Mustang to rent while in Australia? You’re in luck – there are three great choices available: the Fastback Mustang GT, EcoBoost and Shelby GT500. Let’s get this journey started! Whether your preference is for speed or efficiency, we’ve got just what you need right here Down Under. So fire up that engine and let’s go!

Can I customize my Mustang rental experience?

You can easily personalize your Mustang rental! Choose from a wide range of colors and seating options that best suit you. Make sure it is uniquely yours by tailoring it to your preferences, making this experience completely unforgettable.

Are Mustang hire cars suitable for special events such as weddings and corporate events?

Mustangs make for the ideal addition to weddings, corporate functions and school dances, with their unmistakable American charm combined with modern style they are sure to grab attention. The perfect choice if you’re looking for something special!

What safety measures are in place for COVID-19 precautions?

Hey there, it looks like Mustang Hire has taken all the necessary precautions for COVID-19 safety – thorough cleaning and sanitizing of rentals, plus requiring renters to follow safety protocols.

Stay safe and take care!