Limo Hire Pricing Guide: Costs and Factors

Limousines aren’t exactly cheap to operate and maintain, especially Allure Limousines’ fleet of fully decked-out units. For example, our 24-seater Hummer H4 Mega Limo is the only one of its kind in Perth. But with Hummer long discontinued, it falls on us to supply its parts to keep a Hummer limousine running for as long as possible – and we’ve done a good job on that so far.

Then again, customers are more or less aware of the costs of a limo hire Perth partygoers prefer and are willing to pay a fortune for the unforgettable experience. As the epitome of luxury living, a limo isn’t as ubiquitous as a family car and can offer a sensation unique from driving or riding in a normal vehicle.

If you’re reading this and want to know how much you’ll be spending for a limousine hire, this pricing guide is for you. It’ll discuss the factors that influence the overall cost and tips on getting the best limo for your buck.

Limo Hire Cost Factors

Limo Passenger Capacity

Limo hires operate different models, which you can see by their size and seating capacity. For example, our fleet ranges from four-seater classic limos to the 24-seater H4 limo mentioned earlier. Each unit comes with a slew of amenities, depending on the available cabin space.

Four-seater limos are typically used as transport for key people in an event, particularly the bride at a wedding. Six and seven-seater limos serve a similar function, though they can be ideal for small groups.

Limos that can carry eight passengers or more are considered “stretch limos” due to their longer wheelbase. A standard stretch limo comes with everything one needs for a luxurious party while touring the city, from glassware to flatscreen TVs. However, the extra amenities can also contribute to the cost, which is then allocated to their upkeep.


On the matter of models, limo hire fleets are often a mix of vintage and modern models. Vintage ones like the Jaguar Mark 5 and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud are mainly aesthetic and only have a few onboard features, if any. Meanwhile, modern limos like the Chrysler 300C and Jeep Grand Cherokee Limos are larger and equipped to the brim with party amenities.

While size is a factor in limo hire pricing, the chosen model tends to take priority. After all, vintage limos are used with great care, being some of the last examples of vehicle designs from decades past. As such, it isn’t unusual for a four-seater Mark 5 to be more expensive than a 10-seater 300C.

Rental Schedule

Some limousine services set a minimum number of hours depending on the day, including us. This is for several reasons, not least of which is the traffic situation along your itinerary and to give our chauffeurs some time to rest in between bookings and our staff time to prep the limo for the next trip.

Below are our minimum hours, which you can also find on our Terms and Conditions page.

  • One (1) hour for bookings on Sundays to Thursdays
  • Two (2) hours for bookings on Fridays
  • Four (4) hours for bookings on Saturdays

Calculating the time is as simple as timing from the pick-up time to the time of arrival at the final destination. Hours that exceed the booking will be charged accordingly.


Naturally, the more stops your limo must make, the costlier the booking gets. The booking price doesn’t only account for the fuel consumption but also the wear and tear the vehicle may suffer throughout the journey and the chauffeur’s well-being.

Speaking of fuel consumption, the price may also change depending on fuel prices. Limos aren’t known for being fuel-efficient, and other factors like the number of passengers and road conditions can affect their fuel economy. Driving a limo is harder than most believe.

Booking Fee

A booking fee is a fixed amount paid for employing the limousine company’s services like itinerary planning, consultation and management of the selected limo model. Just about every standard limousine service charges a booking fee, which can’t be refunded whether or not your scheduled rental pushes through.

That said, this fee gives you a clearer picture of how much a limo hire costs. For Allure Limo, the booking fee currently stands at AUD$200 per luxury car.

Tips for Hiring the Ideal Limo

Spending so much on an item that seems like overkill or isn’t enough to satisfy your needs can be disheartening, and limos are no exception. To avoid this feeling, take the following tips to heart when searching for the perfect limo hire:

Get the exact number of passengers

Limo hires are strict about keeping the passenger count for a specific limo exact. Because of this, you won’t have much wiggle room when choosing a model. When planning for corporate events, private parties, or even airport transfers, it pays to get the number of people joining. If there are too few attendees for the limo’s size and features, then invite more people to the fun.

Know the event you’re renting a limo for

While limos are flexible enough for different types of events, some luxury vehicles are better for one event than others. Newlyweds heading to their honeymoon will be better off riding a four-seater vintage limo, while an entire entourage looking to party around Perth will benefit from any stretch limo and its party amenities.

Plan your stops beforehand

Pick your destinations and plan the best route from the pick-up point, preferably before talking to a transportation provider. When you bring your itinerary to the limousine hire, they’ll be able to inform their designated chauffeur or suggest a more efficient route to avoid confusion during the limo ride.

Book your limo hire early

Limo hires can be in high demand on certain days, so booking early is important. How early depends on the event: around three to four months for weddings or two weeks to a month for a party. This way, you can anticipate days when your preferred limo won’t be available.

As for the exact price of your enjoyable ride around the city or to an event in first-class fashion, get a free quote from our Allure Limousines team.