How to Put a Ribbon on a Wedding Car

Your special day can be made even more memorable by decorating your wedding car with ribbon decorations.

This guide provides different style options, materials and techniques for creating an eye-catching masterpiece unique to the couple’s theme or personal style.

Get ready to make a grand entrance on your big day when you cruise down the street in this fun and creative wedding vehicle!

Key Takeaways

  • Decorate your wedding car with ribbons to match the theme and colour palette.

  • Use a classic V-shape ribbon design or attach giant door bows for an eye-catching decoration.

  • Personalize decorations, consider safety measures and use budget-friendly alternatives such as tissue paper flowers and recycled materials.

Preparing for Wedding Car Ribbon Decoration

How to put a ribbon on a wedding car with an image of a car being decorated with a beautiful ribbon.

Before decorating your wedding car with any ribbons, make sure you have gotten permission from the rental company to attach decorations. You don’t want anything spoiling such a special occasion by accidentally violating an agreement!

With authorization given, select ribbon colours that compliment your chosen theme and colour palette for a coordinated look at the event. Be mindful of weather conditions and where the celebration is being held when deciding on materials since waterproof items like vinyl or polyester could be best suited in outdoor weddings or locations prone to sudden changes in climate.

Once everything has been organized as far as materials go, start decking out other side of your vehicle with beautiful ribbles, all ready for those big day memories!

Classic V-Shape Ribbon Design

A wedding car with a classic V-shape ribbon design

Adding a unique flair to your wedding car for the special day can be done in the classic V-shaped ribbon style.

To give it an eye-catching effect, large bows are typically placed on either side of the vehicle’s grille with ribbons trailing up along its hood and connected to both mirrors at their ends as attractive adornments.

This look offers a touch of personality and sophistication that will make sure everyone notices this extraordinary bridal ride!

Materials Needed to Tie Wedding Ribbon

For the V-shaped design, you’ll require either 5cm (2 inches) or 3.8cm (1.5 inches)-wide ribbon. This must be approximately two meters long for an accurate fit when wrapping your vehicle from grill to mirror. For secure attachment, magnetic tape is recommended as it will not damage paintwork and provides a solid bond between the car and ribbon material. A pair of scissors with finger loops should provide optimal control while cutting the fabric for shape perfection!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Tying Wedding Ribbons on Wedding Cars

Secure one end of two pieces of fabric ribbon to the hood latch and pull them back in a diagonal direction until they form a V shape. Roll their ends around either front window or tie each ribbon around both rearview mirrors for Attachment.

It is essential that these ribbons are kept tight and taut so as not to obstruct other drivers on the road while driving with this design applied. These safety precautions will make sure your festive decorations remain safely attached throughout its use!

Giant Door Bow Decoration for Wedding Cars

A wedding car with a giant door bow decoration

For a statement decoration for your wedding car that will have people talking, adding a giant flower door bow could be the perfect solution. This attention-grabbing piece can easily be placed on the vehicle’s front doors to create an amazing visual display when driving off.

The following sections offer assistance with choosing and attaching this remarkable accessory to your wedding ride!

Choosing the Right Bow for Wedding Cars

When it comes to dressing up a wedding car with an oversized bow, there are several important considerations, such as material, length and colour. For this type of decoration, the recommended size of a large bow is around 55cm across, crafted from a 15 cm wide ribbon along with at least 60m in sturdy fabric. Popular colours include white, ivory or silver hues combined with purple shades like lavender and burgundy that blend well alongside reds, hot pinks and oranges.

Choose one that matches your wedding colours and theme plus your personal style sense, thus making sure your special car remains perfectly adorned on the day.

Attaching the Bow

To secure the giant door bow onto your wedding car, measure the vehicle’s door to determine an appropriate size. Utilize a strong adhesive or double-sided tape that is suitable for outdoor conditions when attaching and affixing it in place. Line up and center the accessory so all sides are even then apply pressure while confirming its attachment points. Before driving away with decorations on board ensure everything is correctly fastened before carefully removing after festivities have concluded, avoiding any damage of paint or finish to your car’s exterior.

Car Handle & Side Mirror Ribbons

A wedding car with ribbons tied to the handle and side mirrors

Ribbons can be artfully tied around the handles and side mirrors in beautiful bows for a truly exquisite touch to your wedding car decorations. This will lend an air of sophistication to the vehicle while exhibiting how much care was put into making it special for this memorable event.

The below sections provide guidance on selecting appropriate ribbon types and tying methods that are suitable for these automotive adornments.

Selecting Ribbons for a Bridal Car

When it comes to accessorizing car handles and side mirrors with ribbons, take into account several factors. Materials like satin, grosgrain or organza are usually preferred due to their long-lasting quality as well as their soft feel which helps prevent any damage on the car’s paintwork. The recommended size for these decorations ranges from 1.5 inches (38 mm) up until 25 inches (635mm), allowing everyone’s style preferences when choosing a suitable ribbon option. Weather resistance should also be taken into consideration in order for the decoration pieces of remain looking brand new no matter what climate conditions occur outside!

Tying Techniques for Wedding Car Ribbon on a Bridal Car

Secure a single end of the ribbon around one of your car’s sun visors or handles. Draw it out to the front, then attach its opposite edge onto the hood latch and pull each the other end back diagonally to form a V towards your rearview mirrors. Tie these ends securely into place near the radiator grille or within your bonnet. Doing this will keep them from coming undone while driving! This creates beautiful bows for those extra special decorative touches on both door handles and their associated side mirrors.

Decorating Rear Car Boot of a Bridal Car

A wedding car with a decorated rear boot

When decorating a wedding car, don’t overlook the rear! A fun way to spruce up your ride is by adorning it with ribbons, bows and other unique decorations. Secure the streamers from closing the trunk on them or mount messages of love like “Just Married” printed across one side using ribbon frames. For those wishing to add extra flair they can attach flowers, balloons or any creative accents onto their vehicle with either adhesive tape strands of magnetic strips – whatever fits in best with your aesthetic look! This helps create an eye-catching display that brings together all aspects of your special day’s decoration scheme into unison.

Car Window Ribbon Streamers

A wedding car with ribbon streamers on the windows

Decorating the wedding car with colourful ribbons hanging from its windows can be a great way to make your big day feel extra festive. These streamers come in many sizes and are customizable, so you can easily match them to your colour scheme or theme for some very special decorations on that memorable occasion!

Choosing Wedding Car Ribbon Lengths

When decorating your car for the wedding, getting the ribbon lengths just right is key to creating a stunning effect. Take pieces of ribbons that measure 2-3 inches wide and cut them into different sizes between 3 to 8 feet long. Hang these streamers from the rear bumper so they flutter behind as you drive – making an eye-catching sight!

Wedding Car Ribbon Placement and Securing

To have your car window ribbons securely attached for the wedding celebration, just follow these instructions: Cut them to size and hang them over the edge of the open window. Then, roll up your glass while trapping a bit of ribbon inside the roll. That way it will be firmly held in place as you drive away! Your colourful wedding ribbons can then flutter effortlessly along with any passing breeze during this special occasion.

Personalizing Your Wedding Car Ribbon

A wedding car with personalized ribbons

On your special day, car decorations with personalized ribbons can bring extra originality to the occasion. Your wedding colour scheme and even personal messages between you and your spouse-to-be can be included in custom ribbon designs by the wedding party.

For example, names or initials are printed onto them, the date of your nuptials, and additional decorative elements like flowers and bows related to the theme. To make sure that this moment remains unforgettable forever, use themed wedding car ribbons tailored specifically around a unique vision crafted by yourself!

These tasteful accents are certain to guarantee attention from all those in attendance at once, making it truly stand out above all else during such an important celebration of love – after all, there’s no better way to start off married life strong than having its mark left upon many people’s hearts through individually styled décor displaying everyone how much thought has been put into every single detail along each step taken together thus far towards planning happily ever after!.

License Plate and Bumper Decorations

A wedding car with decorations on the license plate and bumper

On your special day, wedding car decorating with your wedding ribbons, can enhance your ride’s visual appeal. You could customise a “Just Married” rego plate in unique wedding colors and add decorative accessories such as heart-shaped balloons or floral bows for an eye-catching look. Stylish magnets featuring ‘just married’ designs are also great additions to the vehicle’s exterior decoration!

To connect these adornments securely onto the other end of your car’s bumper, you may tie one end from inside the interior of the automobile and pull it through towards its front side. Alternatively, fasten one end at the hood latch, then tug on and tie those ribbons diagonally so they’ll reach up to both mirrors behind. With some creative ideas plus thoughtful decorations like ribbons tied around various parts of the auto, including its licence plate – that perfect picture will be complete for this momentous occasion!

Sun Visor and Roof Ribbon Ideas

A wedding car with sun visor and roof ribbon decorations

When it comes to personalizing your wedding car, there are numerous possibilities when using ribbons as decorations. You can tie them on the handles and side mirrors of the car for a classic bow look, hang long pieces of ribbon from windows, creating a festive feel, or attach colourful fabrics that stretch along roof edges, giving an elegant touch.

Adding white ribbon decoration to sun visors is another great idea, while utilizing floral elements adds even more charm. For those feeling creative, you could suspend streamers from the doors, hood and back of the vehicle, making it totally unique! No matter what style you go with – tying ribbons around your wedding car will create eye-catching results that guests won’t forget anytime soon!

Safety Considerations

A wedding car with safety considerations

For a stylish wedding car decoration, ribbons are often employed. But safety must always remain the top priority. To guarantee no obstructions to the driver’s view or any risks for other road users arise from these decorations, ensure that ribbon placement is away from both the windshield and side mirrors as well as keeping them relatively small in size.

Attach these ornamental pieces of fabric securely using sturdy material like polyester or vinyl and strong adhesive tape so they won’t come loose while on your special journey. By doing this, you can have an elegant wedding day ride without compromising on security measures!

Budget-Friendly Wedding Car Ribbon Alternatives

A wedding car with budget-friendly wedding car ribbon alternatives

Getting creative with your wedding car decorations can be both fun and cost-effective. Utilizing ribbon, tissue paper flowers or colourful streamers are popular choices when it comes to adorning the vehicle of choice. If you’re looking for even more savings, greenery wreaths and floral garlands made out of recycled materials like tin cans could work wonders in sprucing up any automobile! Why not go all out with a “Just Married” flag?

Old automotive parts such as hubcaps or emblems make great decorative accents, too. While strips of fabric tied around mirrors or door handles, add an elegant touch without breaking the bank. Toilet paper rolls twisted into shapes make easy pom-poms that will surely liven things up at the ceremony entrance – who knew wedding cars could be so inexpensive yet awe-inspiring?! Finally, don’t forget about providing transport for other guests. Having options is key here in saving money but ensuring everyone arrives safely.


Decorating your wedding car with a tie wedding ribbon is an entertaining and unique way to make the big day more personalized.

Different ideas for doing this include classic V-shape designs, decorating door handles and side mirrors, as well as sun visors and roofs with bows or ribbons; there are countless possibilities.

It’s important not to forget safety regulations while also finding cost-effective options so that you can have a stylishly flower adorned vehicle on such a memorable occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ribbon to use on a wedding car?

Decorating a wedding car calls for double satin ribbon – an eye-catching option much better than single satin or sheer ribbon.

What colour ribbon do you put on a wedding car?

For decorating a wedding car, ribbons in the colour palette white or ivory are the most accepted choice as they represent innocence. Nonetheless, couples can opt to have their chosen wedding car ribbon colour correspond with that of the groom’s tie and bridesmaid dresses for an aesthetic that compliments their wedding theme.

How much ribbon do you need for a wedding car?

The standard service for decorate a wedding bridal car typically includes 6 metres of ribbon and coordinating bows. This is to ensure that the perfect decoration for your special day is achieved in accordance with expectations!

Can I decorate my wedding car with ribbons on my own?

Adorning your wedding car with ribbons using instructions found online is possible. Decorating the vehicle for this special day can be done by following easy step-by-step directions.

Are there any legal limitations regarding the decoration of a wedding car with ribbons?

When decorating a wedding car with ribbons, it is important to ensure that safety isn’t compromised. That means taking care not to hinder the driver’s vision in any way and adhering to all legal requirements regarding this type of decoration on the vehicle for a wedding celebration.