Bigger than Perth's Biggest Hummer Limo


 Introducing the ONLY H4 24 Seater Stretch Limo

For Hire in Perth

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Bigger than Perth's Biggest Hummer Limo





Introducing the ONLY H4 24 Seater Stretch Limo For Hire in Perth

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Perth’s Only 24 Seater Stretch Limo

The Hummer Limousine is legendary and of course very popular, but unfortunately, they ceased being produced on 1st June 2009, meaning that most of the Perth Hummer Limo fleet is over 10 years old.

It’s fair to say that the popularity of Hummer Limousines was unmatched, UNTIL NOW!

The legend now continues with our purchase of Perth’s Newest & Biggest EVER 24-seat H4 Stretch Limo.

Custom-built in the USA, using a GMC Sierra pick-up truck as it’s foundation, our H4 Stretched Mega Limo takes over from the world-famous Hummer.

Incidentally, GMC is an acronym for General Motors Company, who were responsible for producing the very successful H1 Hummer, H2 Hummer and H3 Hummer as passenger vehicles that were then stretched into limousines by ‘Second-stage Manufacturers’. 

The biggest Stretch Limousine that Perth has ever seen is finally here, and ready to take you for the ride of your life with 23 of your closest friends for your wedding, school ball, bucks/hens night or special birthday. 

Operating from as far north as Alkimos and Jindalee, and as far south as Bunbury, our white 24-seater H4 Special Mega Limo is the best party bus you are ever likely to see or experience.

Interior photo of H4 Stretch limousine which is bigger than Perth's Biggest Hummer Limo

H4 Limousine Interior Features


The interior of Perth’s Biggest Stretch Limo will blow you away.

It is bigger than any ‘Hummer’ on Perth’s streets.


  • Finished in Cream, Caramel and Chocolate leather, the seats are well spaced and comfortable.
  • One-touch push button lighting and stereo controls for ease of use.
  • State-of-the-art disco lighting with ambient, laser and strobe lighting all fully controllable from the passenger’s control panel.
  • Ice cold air-conditioning throughout rear cabin for passenger comfort.
  • Four huge TV Screens (3 x 15″, 1 x 40″)
  • Four bar areas throughout the cabin can easily accommodate 3-4 cartons of beer or even more champagne.
  • Bluetooth and AUX Connectivity for stereo so that you can play your own playlist.

H4 Limousine Exterior Features


  • Finished in crisp, white duco and chrome it is the perfect wedding car for big bridal parties.
  • A push-button at the rear of the limo releases a tail gate bar to serve drinks while having photos
  • A huge jet-door in the middle of the vehicle allows easy entry in wedding dresses and ball gowns.
  • Dark window tinting so that no one can see inside the car day or night.
  • In the rear, 2 heavy-duty handles to get in and out of the vehicle. Making it easier for anyone to get up into the rear cabin and has a large rectangular opening ( no wheel arch in door)
  • 22 inch chrome wheels and the load share Rocker Suspension system provide for a really smooth ride
Rear tailgate bar photo of H4 Stretch limousine which is bigger than Perth's Biggest Hummer Limo

White 24-seater Limo for Weddings

Whether you’re getting married at Crown Towers or St Georges Cathedral, it is likely that you’ll require transport because let’s face it, no one wants to arrive at their wedding ceremony (or reception for that matter) in “Uncle Jim’s Toyota Prado” or (god-forbid) an Uber!

No, when you’re getting married to your true love, it is your one special day and you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons. Hiring the right transport on your wedding day is crucial, and not something that you want to get wrong. We have heard too many ‘wedding car horror stories’ and we certainly want to make sure that we don’t become one of them on your special day.

One of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding is the size of your bridal party. You don’t want to be limited, or exclude anyone, just because they won’t fit in the car. That’s where our HUGE H4 Wedding Limousine comes in.

The only one of it’s kind in Perth, our 24-seat Hummer is perfect for large bridal parties, and ensuring that you don’t all have to travel in separate cars to various Perth Wedding Photo Locations.


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