Dreaming of an Ascot Quays wedding? This guide covers everything from the serene, riverside wedding ceremony to the versatile reception offerings supported by a dedicated events team.

Learn what makes an Ascot Quays wedding an outstanding choice for couples looking for a mix of natural beauty, convenience, and tailored wedding services.

Key Takeaways for Ascot Quays Weddings

Unveiling the Romance of Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel

Perched elegantly on the southern bank of the Swan River, the Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel is a sight to behold.

Its prestigious status as a 4-star residential property is well deserved, boasting an array of 68 rooms, each outfitted with a range of amenities, including a spa bathtub, various cable channels, and a range of self-catering facilities like a kitchen with a microwave oven, electric kettle, and dishwasher.

Ascot Quays caters to the crucial aspect of convenience in wedding planning.

It’s located just 6km from the CBD and a swift 20-minute drive from Perth Airport, ensuring accessibility, accommodation for your guests and a smooth arrival and departure experience.

Designing Your Special Day at Assured Ascot Quays

At Ascot Quays, we cherish the uniqueness of every couple’s love story and strive to reflect it in their wedding.

That’s why we offer a tailored approach to each wedding, ensuring that every celebration is as unique and personalized as the couple themselves.

We recognize the significant role the picturesque location has on your special day.

Hence, we offer a selection of flexible indoor and outdoor wedding and reception locations, including areas with scenic river views, to meet different preferences and size requirements.

While wedding planning is often stressful, Ascot Quays ensures a hassle-free experience. With a variety of wedding package options to suit different wedding formats and sizes, including customizable beverage packages, our dedicated Events Team and wedding executive will ensure your special day is stress-free.

Riverside Romance: The Perfect Backdrop for Your Ceremony

Imagine exchanging vows with the love of your life with the Swan River’s full banks and gentle waters flowing in the background, the sun setting slowly, casting a warm, golden hue on your surroundings.

At Assured Ascot Quays, this picturesque riverside wedding venue is a reality, offering an intimate and unique alternative to traditional church weddings.

The Swan River’s natural beauty serves as more than just a scenic backdrop; it provides privacy and tranquillity, contributing to an intimately unique wedding ceremony.

And the best part? The convenience of hosting the ceremony, photographs, reception, and guest accommodation are all within the same beautiful riverside location.

There is no need to rush from romance from one place to another, just pure, undisturbed romance.

Celebrating in Style: Receptions at Ascot Quays

The vows have been exchanged, and the ceremony is over. Now, it’s time to celebrate! At Ascot Quays, we believe in making your Ascot Quays wedding reception as memorable as the ceremony itself.

Whether you prefer an indoor setting or an outdoor one, we offer a variety of reception and meeting venues that cater to different styles, all enhanced with breathtaking river views in their picturesque location.

We acknowledge the significance of aligning your wedding reception with your vision. That’s why we offer the opportunity to personalize your wedding reception theme with tailored decorations and styles.

No celebration is complete without food and drinks. Hence, we provide various Modern Australian cuisine options for receptions, starting at $55 per head, complemented by customizable beverage packages.

The scenic riverside location also naturally enhances the ambience, potentially reducing decoration costs. And with our integrated services, you’re assured of a seamless experience.

Beyond Weddings: Ascot Quays as a Social Event Hub

Ascot Quays’ charm isn’t limited to weddings; they are our specialty venue. It’s a multi-event venue supporting a range of weddings and social occasions, including:

with the capability of entertaining up to 350 guests.

Ascot Quays is a vibrant social event and meeting hub with flexible indoor function rooms that can accommodate varying event sizes and styles. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we’ve got you covered.

The convenience doesn’t end there. Located near the Perth CBD and Perth International Airport, Ascot Quays offers easy airport and city access for guests. And with nearby attractions like the Ascot Race Course, Crown Perth Casino, and Perth Zoo, it’s the perfect location for your social event.

Planning Made Simple: One-Stop Approach to Events

Even though planning an event can be daunting, Ascot Quays simplifies the process with our one-stop approach. This approach enhances overall simplicity and efficiency for clients, as it consolidates various services under one contact, eliminating the need to deal with multiple departments.

Our one-stop approach includes:

No more juggling between different service providers. Just one team handling everything, from the planning stage to the execution, ensuring a stress-reduced experience and better customer service.

Comfort for Every Guest: Accommodations at Ascot Quays

Once the celebration concludes, a period of rest and relaxation awaits guests. Ascot Quays is a hotel dedicated to ensuring every guest’s comfort. The hotel boasts 68 rooms equipped with amenities like:

to suit various guest needs.

The cherry on top? Our penthouse. This luxurious space can serve as the ultimate accommodation for the bride and groom or as a dedicated preparation area for the bridal party. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat.

For added comfort and convenience, the hotel provides complimentary on-site parking and the option for extra beds upon request. And with free Wi-Fi access in all rooms, staying connected is a breeze.


From the moment you step foot into the Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel, you’re not just entering a venue but an experience.

Its picturesque location on the banks of the Swan River, the customizable wedding packages, and the one-stop approach to event planning all contribute to making it the dream venue for your special day.

Beyond weddings, Ascot Quays doubles as a social event hub, catering to a range of social occasions, further underlining its versatility.

And with comfortable accommodation options, it’s not just a place for events but a home away from home for you and your guests.

So whether you’re dreaming of a riverside wedding, planning a grand celebration, or simply looking for a weekend getaway, Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel is the place to be.

Experience the charm, celebrate in style, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel from Perth Airport?

Ascot Quays is just a 20-minute drive from Perth Airport, making it a convenient site choice for travellers.

Can I customize my wedding package at Ascot Quays?

Absolutely! Ascot Quays offers customizable wedding packages to suit your needs.

Does Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel only host weddings?

No, Ascot Quays hosts a variety range of events, including birthdays, anniversaries, and product launch launches, not just weddings.

What is the one-stop approach to event planning at Ascot Quays?

The one-stop approach at Ascot Quays means that you can access a variety of city services through one site with one contact, making event planning streamlined and efficient.

What amenities are available at Ascot Quays for accommodation?

Ascot Quays provides amenities such as free Wi-Fi, facilities for disabled guests, spa bathtubs, and self-catering facilities in its rooms, making it a convenient choice for guests after a comfortable hotel stay.