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About us

Allure Limousines is a family owned and operated, premium limousine hire service in Perth, Western Australia. We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of customer satisfaction for the best rates in town.   We provide chauffeur driven limousines and luxury vehicles for every occasion and event including birthday celebrations, weddingsschool balls, and airport and corporate transfers.

We know what it is that you expect when you book a luxury car service, and with a long background in the hospitality and associated industries we strive to exceed your expectations time and time again.

We do things a little differently at Allure Limousines, so if you have a special request that will help to make your experience extraordinary please don’t hesitate to let us know and we would be happy to organise it for you.

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Matt Smith

Director / Chief Experience Officer / The ‘Ideas’ Man

Matt Smith is one of the owners of Allure Limousines, Perth’s Premier Limousine Hire Company.

It was Matt’s experience when booking a limousine for his own wedding, that gave seed to the idea of starting his own limousine company.

With an extensive history in hospitality and sales, Matt knew he could offer outstanding customer service coupled with beautiful vehicles at the best possible price. And so, the Allure Limousines dream was born and here we are.

When not behind the wheel, Matt loves going to watch the Fremantle Dockers with Janine, playing with his son, hanging out with his wife or having a chat over a few beers with friends.

He also likes chilling out in front of the TV watching Sons of Anarchy, Billions and Wentworth. Matt is a big fan of musician Armin Van Buuren and his dream car is a Ferrari 812 GTS.

He’d like to share a nice medium rare fillet steak and a few beers with former American President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and discuss their time in the White House and the current political climate in America.

Janine Smith

Director / Chief Fun Officer / Enabler of Matt’s Crazy Ideas

Janine Smith is the other owner of Allure Limousines and who you’ll speak with for any enquiries or booking information.

Janine can provide you with a wealth of information to assist with planning your special event, and she specialises in weddings!

When she’s not driving, preparing quotes or answering the phone or emails, Janine enjoys playing with their son, catching up with family and friends and reading (not that she has much time to read). Oh, and she likes spending time with Matt too and when time allows it going to watch the Fremantle Dockers together.

When listening to music, Janine can be relied upon to listen to P!nk and often has Pandora radio on at home when she’s working. Her favourite drinks are coke and water, and unfortunately, probably in that order!

Being self-employed means that Janine doesn’t holiday as much as she’d like, but when given the chance, is happy to head anywhere that’s warm. Most often it’s Bali for its proximity to Perth and cheap flights.

As mentioned previously, Janine loves to read and can’t pinpoint a single book as her favourite. She’s a hopeless romantic so is a big fan of Rom Coms, but also enjoys comedies and more serious movies such as The Shawshank Redemption and more recently Hidden Figures.

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James Dolan

Driver / Party Coordinator / All-round Cool Guy

James Dolan is one of the team at Allure Limousines and our first ever staff member.

In his spare time, James is a blood bike member which provides free transportation of emergency drugs, scans and breast milk between hospitals on a motorbike.

James has two kids, Alex 6 and Freya 3, and along with his lovely wife they have lived in Australia for one year after emigrating from Ireland. He loves our sunshine and golden beaches.

James enjoys listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, watching the series Band of Brothers and drinking a Heineken or two.

James follows Munster rugby and Limerick Hurling but is undecided about AFL and whether to support the Dockers or the Eagles. Clearly the answer is the Dockers.

His dream car is an Audi R8 and his dream job outside of driving limos for Allure is a top gun pilot. His super hero power would be flying. James would love to have dinner with Quentin Tarantino and pitch him an idea.

We’d love to know what it is but he’s keeping his cards close to his chest. If it’s for Tarantino is bound to be interesting!

Alfred Yao

Driver / Party Coordinator / All-round Cool Guy

Allure is pleased to welcome our new (ish) team member, Alfred Yao.

Alfred comes to us with extensive experience in driving tour coaches around Perth and WA, so is well placed to drive our limousines. Alfred was born in Indonesia, before moving to the USA when he was eight years old, where he completed his education.

Alfred first moved to Sydney from the US before deciding that Perth was the place for him and his family to settle and 26 years later, he’s still here.  Alfred loves how peaceful Perth is. He speaks English, Indonesian and Mandarin, and interestingly, his favourite foods are Japanese and Italian.

In his spare time, Alfred likes playing golf and listening to the bands “Modern Talking” and “Bad Boys Blue” and attributes his musical tastes to the ‘80s.  He also enjoys a Hennessy XO or a green tea or two.

Alfred hasn’t chosen to support either the Eagles or the Dockers, but given time, I’m sure he will learn that the only team to support is the Dockers.

His dream car is a Lamborghini, but in the meantime, he’ll happily drive our limos and must be satisfied with the Lamborghini doors on the Chrysler.

Given the choice of a superpower, Alfred would love to be a wizard.

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Ian (Thommo) Thompson

Retired Slacker/ Driver / Party Coordinator / All-round Cool Guy

 Ian came to us in a slightly more unusual way, when he booked a transfer for his 25th wedding anniversary for him and his wife, Claire.  He’d recently retired and enjoyed the ride with us so much, that in passing he offered to drive for us.  Always on the lookout for drivers that align with our service delivery expectations and being the great bloke that he is, we took him up on his offer.

Thommo is a bit of a sports nut and loves watching the English Premier League, especially his favourite team Liverpool and AFL but enjoys playing and watching a wide variety of sports.  We’ll have to chat to him about his unwavering support of the Eagles and see if we can’t change his mind.  Thommo enjoys listening to Queen and The Beatles and the “occasional” Johnnie Walker on ice.

Having raised four adult children, Thommo is now enjoying spending time with his four young grandchildren and travelling, with Bali being the favourite for the short stay and America for the longer trips. His bucket list holiday destinations are China for the Great Wall, South Africa for a safari and Japan.

This smooth-talker rates his dream car as the Mercedes Benz GLS350d and his dream job as driving limos for a wonderful couple.  (We didn’t even pay him to say that, lol.)

Thommo’s ideal superpower would be “the ability to make yourself invisible whenever you wanted.”  He’d love to have dinner with Elvis Presley because he is, and always will be, the KING.

Be sure to say hi to Thommo when you see him around Perth.

Wayne Robins

Driver / Party Coordinator / All-round Cool Guy

Wayne is married with three adult children and seven grandchildren, who I imagine will be looking forward to a ride in the limos!  Like Thommo, Wayne likes listening to Queen and having a scotch, possibly while completing sudoku.  I’m beginning to see a pattern here!

He’s a big fan of movies starring Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel or Jason Statham.  He also follows the Eagles, so we’ll have to see if we can convince him to change teams, although he does support both sides…. Good answer!

Being a builder by trade, Wayne’s dream job when he’s not driving our clients around is building his own developments.   Like Matt, Janine, Alfred, and Ian, Wayne enjoys holidaying in Bali.  We might have to take a team holiday to Bali and introduce James to a beautiful place.

Wayne’s dream car is a hot rod, so we’ll have to see if we can add one to our fleet.  His superpower would be the strength to help others in need.  Wayne would like to have dinner with Jennifer Lopez because she’s beautiful and talented (we’re not sure if Wayne’s beautiful wife, Nikki, is aware of Wayne’s obsession with J-Lo.)

Make sure you give Wayne a wave when you see him behind the wheel.

Wayne Robins