You’ve been chosen as the bestman.  Your mate is getting married and he chose YOU to stand beside him on the big day.

But before that day arrives, he’s entrusted you, the bestman, to the job of organising him an epic send off from the debauchery of single life to mundane married life with the woman who he (hopefully) loves.  The pressure is on, you’d better do a damn good job!

It’s your job as the bestman to help him (and his best bros) spend a night on the sauce, party hard, forget all of the responsibilities and stresses of daily life and dealing with insane wedding celebrants, bridezillas and future parents-in-law’s attempts to take over the wedding celebration.

We’ve been there, done that, seen it all and have the scars to prove it.

Here are our top tips and ideas for a buck’s party, so you can create a night to remember (through the haze of a great hangover).  You aren’t just a bestman; you’re his best mate – so give him a night to be proud of.

What Does the Groom Want (And More Importantly – What are We Going to Do to Him)?

By now you’ve seen “The Hangover” (and its sequels) far too many times, and will know all of the clichéd options for a Hollywood bucks night, from getting locked on a rooftop in Vegas, ending up in a drug deal gone wrong, ending up married to a stripper after a shotgun wedding, to losing the bride’s little brother in Bangkok back alleys and rooster shootouts in Mexico.

Thankfully things in Australia aren’t quite as nuts (unless your party is organised by a teenager in Melbourne it seems), let’s check out some pretty wicked party ideas that are cost effective, memorable and fun, as well as keeping you off the 6 O’clock news and out of a jail cell.

You’ve got loads of options when planning your best mate’s bucks night, from Bucks Night Paintballing & Water Sports  (we are talking about Wake Boarding, Scuba Diving and Jetski rides, not the other type you degenerates) to feasting on giant hunks of dead cow at the local steak house followed by a debauched (or tame, if you are that way inclined) night full of bucks party pranks and bucks party challenges out on the town.

Work out what your groom wants and expects from his bucks party, and also what he absolutely doesn’t want.  The lazy route is the clichéd standard dress him up in horse heads and a Borat Mankini before dinner and the stripers, but let’s face it – this isn’t always the best idea in the world and can and often will go downhill pretty quickly depending on who is involved, and of course how the wife to be will react when she finds out.

It’s far better to plan something unique, memorable and tailored to things that the groom actually enjoys.  Something that the groom, his mates and everyone involved can look back on, without too much embarrassment (a bit of embarrassment is ok, remember to pack the handcuffs, a mini skirt and some blue dye… don’t ask why).  Remember, sooner or later one of these guys is going to be your best man, and it would be nice if they returned the favour.

Before you make any reservations or plans call ahead and make sure that the restaurant, bar, or other organization allows buck parties as some places do not.

Catch up with the groom for a beer beforehand and run some potential activities by the groom for him to approve – some parts of the night can be a surprise, but make sure he has a general idea of what will be happening and provide him with a rough schedule of events. Make sure to also give someone else a schedule of where you expect to be and when, to avoid those Hangover II type moments.

 If he’s completely whipped the groom might feel the need to let his bride know approximately what might be happening in case she is worried about any of the typical buck’s night activities that usually occur, a good mate will keep her in the loop, or at least have a good cover story to keep her happy.

Stripper or go carts and paintball, crazy or sane, you are in charge of toeing the line and getting everyone (especially the groom) home (mostly) safe and sound.

Remember- embarrassing stories are good, but no one should end up in jail!  Plus, as the bestman you have to be available to stand beside the groom as he says “I Do”.