12 Seater Limo Hire: Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Group Transport

Looking for a top-notch, luxurious transportation option to elevate your special event?

Look no further than Allure Limousines’ 12 seater limo hire.

This service offers the perfect combination of luxury, practicality, and style for any occasion you may have in mind.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function or night out with friends, our experts will assist you in selecting the ideal 12 seater limo hire package to suit your needs and budget while ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Let us take a closer look at what 12 seater limos bring to the table.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 12 seater limo hire at Brookleigh Estate

Key Takeaways for 12 Seater Limo Hire

  • A 12 seater limo hire adds luxury transportation and convenience to special events, with features like comfort, climate control, and entertainment systems, and is ideal for various occasions including weddings and corporate events.

  • The 12 seater limo hire offers special features like pearl white elegance, jet doors for impressive entrances, and can also serve as party venues on wheels with extravagant interiors and advanced sound systems.

  • Price considerations are important when hiring a limo in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney as rates start from $550 per hour and can vary based on factors like the event date, limo type and hire duration, with sedan style options available for smaller groups.

12 seater Limo Hire

Elevate Your Special Events with a 12 Seater Limousine

Imagine yourself cruising through the city streets of Perth, Melbourne or Sydney in a stylish stretch limo, capturing attention from all those around you. Not only does a 12-seater stretch limousine add an element of elegance to your event, but it also guarantees convenience and security for your guests.

With comfortable seating, spacious room for belongings, and top-of-the-line features such as climate control and entertainment systems, these luxurious vehicles are sure to impress.

Whether it’s VIP tours or business transfers, lively nighttime celebrations or grand weddings, the versatility of these limos makes them the preferred choice to hire for various occasions.

Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate any special occasion or event with our exceptional 12 seater limo hire service in Melbourne?

The Allure of Pearl White Elegance

There is no denying the attraction of a pearl white limousine. Its sleek and pure appearance radiates an undeniable sense of opulence and sophistication that cannot be overlooked.

It’s not just about looking innocent, it’s also a statement of wealth and prestige.

Step inside to discover luxurious transportation with an abundance of extravagant features including a center bridal jet door for grand entrances/exits, as well as disco flooring, neon lighting, and state-of-the-art sound systems.

Every aspect has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate luxury experience in this 12-seater pearl white limousine with its impressive door design.

Jet Door Feature for an Impressive Arrival

Imagine arriving at the door of your destination in style, stepping out the door of a limousine with its unique jet doors.

These doors not only make for an impressive entrance, but also provide convenience when entering and exiting the vehicle, especially if you are dressed to impress or have limited space.

The 2015 Jeep 12 Passenger Limo and White Chrysler 300C both feature these jet doors that prioritize safety as well.

Some models even include remote security systems that activate an alarm, lock the door automatically, and prevent unauthorized starting of the car.

Unforgettable Memories with Luxurious 12 seater Limo Hire Features

The combination of a limousine’s sophistication and the lively atmosphere of a party creates an unforgettable experience.

Luxurious transportation is made possible with plush leather seats, advanced entertainment and sound systems, and customizable mood lighting that allows you to set the tone for your journey in our 12-seater limo hire.

But it doesn’t end there. Imagine indulging in premium champagne such as Moet & Chandon Imperial or Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label while cruising through Melbourne’s streets.

Through hiring a limo service, these fantasies can become reality, making lasting memories along the way.

12 seater Limo Hire

Tailored Transport Solutions for Every Occasion

No matter the event – be it a wedding, prom night, corporate function or unique celebration – a 12-seater limo is equipped to meet all your transportation needs.

With its blend of convenience, elegance and safety features, traveling in one of these vehicles will surely make any occasion more memorable.

And the good times don’t have to end with the main event! After-party limo services are available for those who want to continue their celebrations at different locations throughout the evening.

This luxurious mode of transport not only adds style, but also makes getting around hassle-free for you and your guests.

Venue-to-Venue Shuttle Service

When it comes to transferring guests between different venues, the logistics can be overwhelming. But with a 12 seater limo fleet at your disposal, this task becomes stress-free.

Perfect for weddings and similar memorable occasions, hiring a limo shuttle service guarantees smooth transportation that allows your guests to fully enjoy the event without any concerns.

In Melbourne and Sydney, you can expect to pay approximately $440-$490 for this convenient and very luxurious transportation service.

Please keep in mind that transport regulations and safety measures typically prohibit suitcases and large bags from being brought inside the limo.

12 seater Limo Hire for After-Party Excellence

Who says the party has to end once the event is over? With a 12 passenger limousine, you can continue celebrating during your ride.

These vehicles are equipped with custom-built features similar to those of a party bus, comfortable seating, cool fiber optic lighting and even have their own bar. It feels like an extension of the venue and actual celebration.

To provide a fun atmosphere for your guests during transportation, hiring a limo service also takes care of logistical aspects such as scheduling, driving and parking so that everyone can fully enjoy themselves without any worries or hassle.

The cost of limousine hire may vary depending on factors such as location and specific services requested. It’s best to request an online quote or contact the company directly for more accurate pricing information.

Competitive 12 seater Limo Hire Pricing

The cost of renting a limo in Melbourne may not be as expensive as you think, with prices starting at around $550 per hour.

The final price can vary depending on different factors such as the type of limousine chosen, any upcoming special events and special occasions due, and the length and location of your limousine rental.

To get a good deal for your limo hire needs, it would be wise to check out discount packages offered by various companies that provide limo hire services in Melbourne.

For example, Fantasy Limousines offers affordable deals along with Silver Service Limos and Amazing Limousines which also offer discounted rates so that you can enjoy an opulent ride without breaking your budget.

It should be noted though that peak times like prom season or wedding season could see a hike in prices together during early summer months (e.g., October), and major events taking place within city limits, i.e., races or grand finals, tend to drive costs upwards too.

12 seater Limo Hire

Fleet Diversity: Choosing Your Ideal 12 Passenger Limo

Choosing the perfect 12 passenger limo involves more than simply selecting the first one you see.

With a variety of different types available, it is possible to find a vehicle that suits your specific event and group size, ensuring everyone’s satisfaction.

One option to consider is the sedan-style limousine, which works well for smaller groups.

It offers a comfortable space able to accommodate up to four passengers, providing an intimate setting without sacrificing luxury.

Sedan Style for Smaller Groups

If your event is for a smaller group, consider renting a sedan-style limousine.

These vehicles can accommodate up to six people and provide a comfortable and efficient way to transport and navigate the venue through traffic.

To their comfort, these limos offer luxury features such as leather seats, fancy interiors, climate control, entertainment systems, and mini-bars.

Various types of sedan-style limousines are available, including SUVs, buses, luxury coaches, stretched, Hummers, vintage models, and convertibles.

The cost of limousines may differ among service providers so it’s best to contact them directly for accurate pricing information.

Maximizing Comfort: The Importance of Seating Capacity

When considering hiring a 12 seater limousine, one must take into account the important factor of seating capacity.

The number of seats not only affects the level of comfort during the ride, but also determines how many individuals can fit in without feeling cramped.

A 12 seater limousine provides:

  • Comfortable and snug seats for each passenger

  • Ample extra space and headroom for everyone’s convenience

  • A perfect combination of luxury and coziness suitable for larger groups such as friends or families gathering together

Elevate your special occasion by opting for a 12 seater limousine that offers all these features.

Party on Wheels: Entertainment and Style Combined

Why settle for a traditional party when you can have a unique and stylish experience at school formals with a 12 seater limo?

These vehicles offer the perfect combination of entertainment and luxury, equipped with plush seating, fancy designs, ample space, air conditioning, separate bars, and cool window features. They are ideal for school formals.

Gone are the days of regular parties. These limos take celebrations to another level. You will feel like true royalty on wheels with jet doors, dancing floors, built-in bar facilities, and exclusive VIP rooms.

The best part is that all this extravagance can be enjoyed while cruising around, making your event truly special events unforgettable.

Aiming for an unmatched celebration? Look no more than our fleet of 12 seater limousines! Designed to cater specifically to parties, the luxurious amenities they provide, such as disco floors, VIP spaces, a full bar setup, and other fantastic details, give it that extra special touch.

Perfect not only for style but also convenience – because why stop celebrating just because you’re in transit? Ideal choice specially tailored towards making those school formal events even more memorable and extraordinary.

Limo Hire Service Beyond Melbourne

Limo rental services in Melbourne offer more than just rides within the city. Many companies also provide options for interstate travel, allowing customers to indulge in the luxurious experience of a limo ride even when they are outside of Melbourne.

Whether it’s for business purposes, sightseeing or transportation to and from airports, these local limousine providers have you covered.

Keep in mind that renting a limo service beyond Melbourne may come at an additional cost compared to rates within the city.

To ensure satisfaction with your chosen limousine transport company, always take time to read through reviews and ratings on platforms such as Google or Yelp before finalizing your booking decision.

12 seater Limo Hire

Summary of Stretch Limousine Hire Perth

Indulge in the ultimate luxury and style for your next special occasion, be it a wedding, corporate event or a night out with friends.

A 12 seater stretch limo offers an elevated experience that will leave lasting memories. With various features and services to suit different budgets, hiring a 12 seater limo hire now has become increasingly popular.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of grandeur and opulence while creating unforgettable moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events is a 12 seater stretch limo suitable for?

The stretch limousine, with a capacity of 12 seats, is well-suited for various other special occasions and events such as weddings, prom nights, airport transfers, corporate gatherings and special occasions. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for parties as well.

What are some unique features of a white limousine?

For special events, a luxurious white limousine is an ideal choice with its center bridal jet-door.

Its advanced sound systems and disco floor add to the entertainment factor while climate control air-conditioning ensures comfort throughout your ride.

With neon lights illuminating the interior, this limousine exudes elegance and sophistication for any occasion.

How much does it cost to rent a 12 seater limo in Melbourne?

Renting a 12 seater limo in Melbourne typically starts from $550 per hour, but the final cost can vary based on different factors.

What is the seating capacity of a sedan-style limo?

A limousine with a sedan-style design is able to accommodate a maximum of four people, making it an ideal choice for intimate gatherings among friends or family members.

Can I hire a limo service if I’m traveling outside Melbourne?

Indeed, there are several limousine hire companies based in Perth that provide interstate options for those who need to rent a limousine while traveling outside of the city.

These services offer convenient and luxurious transportation solutions beyond Melbourne’s borders. So if you require a computer, you need a computer.